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House Rules

  • N-Canon: This universe will not be exactly the same as the Star Wars Legacy comics. Some things may be changed to avoid spoilers, allow for PC focus, etc.
  • Books: Primary books should be Core rule book, Legacy Era Campaign Guide and any non-Era specific books.
    • Force Unleashed is off-limits except for races.
    • Other Era-specific rules (general exception to races) must be approved on case-by-case basis.
    • Only official books are allowed, no web supplements, fan-created, etc.
  • Armor: All characters have the benefit of the “Mandalorian Armor Training” talent
    • Any characters who take “Mandalorian Armor Training” will have the benefit doubled.
  • Force Powers: Force powers are not cast/forget. However they do not automatically recharge when depleted. A natural 20 Use the Force check will recharge as normal.
    • Force Training: Since force powers are not cast/forget, there is no need to take the same power more than once.
    • Dark Side Temptation: Can be used without training for non-Dark characters, granting a DSP. Dark side powers may be trained for 2 permanent DSPs (cannot be removed by any means while the power is trained), however if trained it will not grant DSP for every use. An exception to this would be a redeemed character, however using a dark side power thereafter will restore the related permanent DSPs.
  • Adventure Log: Players can earn Fate Point(s) for posting adventure logs to this site.
    • Adventure log should be from the character’s point of view.
    • Multiple players can earn the award.

Main Page

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