Visas Maar

Miraluka Jedi-3


Visas Marr is a female Miraluka. She stands of average to above average height around 5’8" tall and a petite 125lbs. Scarlet red hair cascades down her back and hangs into her face. A thin cloth blindfold covers her eyes.


Visas was born on the Miraluka adopted homeworld of Alpheridies. As with many of her race she was taken at a young age to be tested in her ability to use the force. Even though all of her race are sensitive to the force to some degree she was exceptional and therefore selected by the Jedi to undergo training.

She spent many of her early years training under various tutors at the Jedi Academy on Ossus and was eventually selected as a padawan by Jedi Master Kavin Savarin. Though a highly regarded Jedi Master, Savarin was a strict taskmaster that saw all manners of the force in black and white. He believed that if you weren’t a part of the Jedi Order then you were perverting the force and squandering a precious gift. This bigotry extended to the Emperor’s bodyguards the Imperial Knights.

Visas felt differently than her Master and believed that one could safely harness the force and not be alien to the Order. Though she was an obedient and faithful student she tried not to let his bigotry cloud her own feelings.

When the Sith struck out at the Jedi Order, Visas was seperated from her Master. Due to the sheer number of Jedi slain at the time she was overwhelmed by the sadness in the force and was unable to detect her Master’s fate.

She is unable to return to her home world due to the Sith invasion. The only thing that Visas has held onto since that time is a Jedi Holocron and her training lightsabre.

Visas Maar

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