Tinitos Tehrshik

Cathar Scout, Gunslinger-3


Tinitos Tehrshik is a Cathar Male. He is just over six feet tall & weighs 180lbs. His hide is a spotted grey with white belly. He resembles a man-bobcat? or snow-leopard?


Tinitos originally entered into “service” to discover other worlds & to see how others did things on other worlds. The problem was that he went directly into the Empire & only got to see one way of doing things. Now he finds himself recently honorably discharged from the Empire, looking for new employment. He decided to not “re-up” his service because he didn’t like the direction the empire seemed to be heading in their operations lately and he is looking for some redemption for himself.

He specialized in solo or small operations. This brought him into some “shady” dealings on behalf of the empire & caused him to question his role. especially after the massacre of “Techno-babble” that he was unfortunately involved with & accidentally killing some innocents that he tried to spare from the brutality. This operation also earned the animosity of an Imperial officer, because of his reluctance to follow through on his orders. But because of his previous service records, he was allowed to discharge “honorably”. Though now he is looking forward to the opportunity for some come uppance on this officer Rand, if he ever gets the opportunity.

Now he finds himself teamed with a couple of “characters” of questionable standing and he is wondering if he did the right & honorable thing. He is hoping that if he acts honorable, the universe will answer…

Tinitos Tehrshik

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