Legacy of the Rancor

Visas Marr Journal Entry Nineteen

I compose this entry as I swing upside down within our captor’s holding cell. Poor decision making on my part has led to our capture. We found the pirates as we had hoped and were brought into their hanger bay once caught in their interdictor field. We had planned to procure some stasis devices to help elude the Chiss scanners.

Along with the scanner we were going to need to disable the interdictor to be able to escape the ship. We split into three groups; Shaakti and the Imperial Knight were to grab the stasis pods while Tinitos and I disabled the generators for the interdictor. The remaining people were to stay aboard the ship and stall the pirates as long as possible.

Thinks were going well for Tinitos and I. We had found the generator room with only a couple of road blocks. One being a blast door that was sealed but I was able to lift it and cut it open with my lightsaber. However once we reached the generator controls we fell into the enemy trap of what appeared to be an immense gravitation plate. It pinned us to the ground as a group of pirate and pirate slaves descended on us.

With much effort I was able to pull myself off the gravity plate and pull the leader onto it. However that is where our successes finished. In my travels and teachings I have attempted to stay as far away from the dark path as possible. I believe this has been a tremendous error in my judgment. In my attempts to avoid the Dark Side I have begun to fear it and in turn started me down the path I most hoped to avoid. Had I simply done what was necessary to ensure the survival of my crew and friends then we would not be in the predicament in the first place. My hesitation and fear of the darkness may have doomed us all.

If you are seeing this then obviously we were able to make our escape and I was able to relay my experiences into the cube and hope that Jedi avoid similar pitfalls in the future. Otherwise this will never reach anyone else and I’m simply talking to myself…


ZombiePlacebo whorn76

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