Legacy of the Rancor

Tinitos Tehrshik Journal #19

Csilla negas

Afta I defeated the Mandalore, I assume command o’ da Crusade. I talk ta da Rodian, Chido, & have da Mandalorian generals & da previous Mandalore’s second brought back ta establish da chain o’ command. I have Maya moved ta my tent fer safe keepin’. Da Twi’lek, Surool, is helpin’ me find da original contract dat da previous Mandalore had made concernin’ da Crusade. I also orda da retrieval o’ Dr. Fenn from da slavers. Chido tells me dat it’s gonna take a couple o’ weeks ta get ‘er.

I find out dat da original contract was with da Mandalore an’ an individual named Nihl, ta run a genocide campaign ‘gainst da Killicks an’ da Rakata. Da Killick are da insectoids dat we’ve run inta out here dat are ‘paren’ly crafters o’ renown from olden times. Da Rakata were previously “dark force” users dat I hear used ta have a great empire before modern times.Rumor has it dat dey had da “force” stripped from ‘em an’ made deir technology unusable, because deir tech was all based off o’ deir use o’ da “force.”

I get ta talkin’ ta Maya ‘bout everything dat’s happened an’ we decide on goin’ inta Chiss space wit’ da crusaders an’ offer our help in getting’ rid o’ da Mngaal-Mngaal

A coupla days later a General Tessik arrives an’ demands an’ audience wit’ me. When I greet ‘im on da parade grounds, he immediately tells me I’m lyin’ ‘bout da contract dat I have Surool give ‘im. When I take da data slate back from ‘im, I see dat dere’s no mention o’ Nihl an’ dat da contract was between da Mandalore an’ da Empress. Tessick challenges me ta a duel over my right ta lead da crusade. He also refers ta da previous Mandalore as a “visionary.”

Because he’s da “challenger”, I get ta choose da weapons ta be used. I decide on claws, since he doesn’ look like he’s toten any. We also strip off our armor an’ helmets, dis seems ta give him some pause. When we join combat, he refuses ta attack me. He whispers ta me dat I should “make it quick.” I whisper ta him dat I’m not gonna kill a valuable soldier an’ leader. We go inta a whispered talk while we are pacin’ each other. Ends up he’s one o’ da Quarren dat we rescued from Dak when it was destroyed. ‘Paren’ly we’re some kinda heroes to his people, so he refuses to fight me, so I back away from him.

As I’m backin’ away from him, I get stabbed in da back by two light sabers. Then I hear a whisper in my ear dat tells me dat “someone’s going to die today.” It’s Darth Talon! Scat! I try ta attack ‘er wit’ my claws, an’ I get a good swipe in, but it does little damage. Tesseck jumps in between us an’ tells me ta back away, so I do. I jump back ta my gear an’ retrieve my rifle an’ open fire on her! Jus’ afta I fire, da rest o’ da crusaders do too an’ vaporize her where she stands. As a note of skill, Tessik is unhurt by all o’ da crossfire.

After dis, Tessik tells me he’ll help me find my companions. We start by sendin’ out scouts ta look fer da slavers an’ where dey are. I go an’ rest ta recover from my injuries from Talon. I can’ believe that these Sith jus’ keep sneakin’ up on us like dis! You know I’m gonna haveta see about havin’ Shaakti build some kinda “dark force” detector. If I ever find him dat is.

‘Bout a week later, I get notification from one o’ my scouts dat dey’ve encountered a ship lookin’ fer slavers an’ would I like ta talk ta ‘em? Right away I see dat it’s Shaakti! I ask him what he’s doin’ dere? Ta make a long story longer, we get together an’ share notes. ‘Paren’ly Shaakti an’ Jaris were rescued by the New Trade Federation . Seems dat Jaris has some kinda “life insurance policy” dat dey came an’ got him cuz of. Man I need one o’ dem fer myself. Shaakti tells us dat Jaris has been followin’ Visas “force” signal across da region, makin’ small jumps at a time. Dey’ve been doin’ it fer weeks.

When we get done wit’ our note sharin’, Maya tells us dat she knows where Visas an’ Dorian are, Csilla (da Chiss Homeworld). Dis is goin’ ta be hard. Da Chiss are extremely distrustful o’ outsiders an’ have kept dis region secret from da outside universe. Dey never give out any info on how ta get anywhere in deir space. Dere’s a long silen’ pause after Maya tells us dat Visas is on her homeworld. ‘Ventually Maya gives us da co-ordinates ta get dere. Jaris an’ Shaakti both go back tad a NTF ship (I guess dey liked deir accommodations dere better).

When we came out o’ warp speed, we see an armada surroundin’ da planet o’ Csilla (I got a bad feelin’ bout dis). I ask Maya if dis is normal an’ she tells me “no.” We try hailin’ da armada an’ get no response, ‘cept some o’ da ships start ta sporadically fire deir rockets. So den we try an’ hail da planet an’ get a broken up response. ‘Paren’ly dere’s some kinda interference between Chiss an’ our tech. So I have Shaakti get right on it, since he’s da go to guy fer dis kinda stuff. After a short while Shaakti comes through fer us an’ we get a clear message “Beware of the ships & keep your distance” an’ dat’s when all o’ da fighters start burnin’ straight at us!


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