Legacy of the Rancor

Tinitos Tehrshik Journal #18

The brave only die once, cowards die many times.

Cassus handbook

Man I didn’ figger my day would end up like it did, but it did & here it is. I woke up ta someone kickin’ me in da side. I realize quickly dat I’m in a tent. Hmmm, dis isn’ what I woulda figgered afta I was knocked out wit’ da poison by da slavers, but here I am, somewhere. Afta I peer about, I figger out afta a bit dat I been sol’ inta service ta da Mandalorians an’ deir crusade. I get assigned a Rodian ta indoctrinate me inta da Crusade. He tells me dat I’ll be equipped wit’ armor afta I survive deir ceremonial swearin’ in. I hafta recite deir coda in Mandalorian;

“Education and armour,
Self-defense, our tribe,
Our language, our leader,
All help us survive.

I also havta demonstrate my skills in order ta qualify fer da Crusade. I also discover dat anudder “recruit” jus’ past muster. She was a little “sneakier” than me & she’s Chiss (Mya?). I spot her later on in formation. We nod at each other an’ keep our distance. We don’ know how safe it is ta be friendly here.

A few hours afta I demonstrate my skills, da Mandalore arrives in a shuttle wit’ his insignia emblazoned on da side o’ it. He comes off o’ da shuttle wit’ his gold helmet visible ta all an’ proceeds ta inspect all o’ da new “recruits.” While he’s doin’ dis, he stops in front o’ me fer a bit lookin’ at me through his visor. I don’ get it. When he comes up ta me, I recite da credo as well as I can an’ I survive. He moves on, while still lookin’ back at me occasionally. Dey give me a light repeatin’ rifle as a welcomin’ symbol.

Whe he reaches Mya further down da line, he yells out “You!” an’ hits her wit’ a mailed fist. Knockin’ her flat out! Afta dis, he states dat she’s a “known enemy of Mandalore” an’ dat she’ll be executed by da end o’ da day! Da Wookie she was standin’ next ta drags her out ta a stake in da middle o’ da parade grounds an’ ties her to it. Dat’s when things really go south fer me.

I step forward an’ challenge da Mandalore ta a duel ta verify his right ta lead. Things move pretty quickly afta dat.

Dey bring me a suit o’ Mandalorian Scout armor fer da duel, along wit’ a vibro blade an’ a vibro knife.

Luckily I’m pretty quick, so I get da drop on ‘im an’ get firs’ strike. I hit him perfectly, an’ he returns da favor. We exchange cuts over a very short time, but when it’s all said an’ done, I got him down ta deliver da death blow ta him by slicin’ his neck when I discover dat I recognize him. He was da storm trooper dat we embarrassed back on Thrawn Hold. He was da one we defeated when he was chasin’ Mya an’ we took his ID off o’ him an’ used it ta get inta da Empire’s dock an’ stole da Banshee from dem. ‘Paren’ly da empire didn’ take kindlt tad is an’ kicked him out an’ he found his way inta da Mandalorian forces.

I guess dis makes me da new Mandalore now… Wow.


ZombiePlacebo RobertSchulkey

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