Legacy of the Rancor

Dorian Vhek's Journal, part 4

The lady Jedi is no help at all....

Well. Visas and I teamed up and started flinging infected Chyss around like so much debris. As my luck would have it, I ended up swallowing some of that gray goo that seems to be the end result of the plague. Doubtless I’m infected now. Visas didn’t kill me (figures) and since my lightsabre was confiscated I couldn’t effectively take matters into my own hands. I may have thrown caution to the wind and lightninged a few of the infected Chyss…but they’re better off for it. Visas did manage to convince the Chyss from the ship to ignite the gray goo before it infected anyone else, but then speeders emerged from the crevice-city. We were approached by someone – the mayor, perhaps – from the city. Visas didn’t manage to talk sense into him or the ship’s captain. The Chyss leader put Visas under arrest and insulted me and my fallen brother Knights. Bastard. He arrested me too and loaded us into his vehicle.

On the trip back to the city Visas pulled some Force trick that wrecked the speeder (it didn’t do me any good, either) and I wasted my only chance to get the better of the mayor. After causing a ruckus, Visas went ahead and healed the speeder’s driver and convinced the mayor that the whole thing was an accident. I never realized how subversive Jedi could be (you’d think they’d put the effort to better use). Visas tried to convince the Chyss official that Darth Hayt was responsible for the plague. He didn’t buy it. She tried to talk about the sorcerors of Rhonde. That didn’t work either. Visas seems to have a lot of plans that don’t work. I should probably set a better example of how to get things done.

We ended up in an underground bunker and more Chyss arrived with collars, on sticks no less, to use on us. I tried to escape by turning myself invisible, but the Chyss charged up their mazers to use on Visas. I hesitated, or something…maybe Visas mind-tricked me…because I went along with them after all. I’ve never had this much trouble working with a Jedi before. We got hauled before a sorceror of Rhonde and everyone started talking about whether they should just execute us, or torture us first. So long as they kill me before I succumb to the plague…that’s the best I can hope for at this point.


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