Legacy of the Rancor

Dorian Vhek's journal part 3

Things managed to get worse

I was initially glad to discover I survived the rancor’s attack…but found myself in a shipboard prison cell, with Visas in a neighboring cell. I was rather less glad about that. Visas shouted for a guard until one showed up, but he simply insulted her for being a Jedi and left. I decided a more proactive approach was in order, and opened my own cell door, damaging it spectacularly in the process. While I wandered, invisible, more guards arrived and Visas tried again to reason with them. When that failed she wisely left her cell and joined me. We made our way, both invisible, in search of the ship’s bridge. In an unfortunate turn of events, the ship seemed to fall under attack while we were in the lift to the bridge. The lift jammed and we had to climb out into a corridor where the view from the nearest window showed us that the ship was crashing into a planet. Left with no other options, we boarded an escape pod and escaped. Visas went to all the trouble of making sure the ship didn’t crash, and set it down safely near the large city it would otherwise have smashed into. We had reached a Chyss planet and had, in the escape pod, arctic clothing and gear. We had no sooner reached these conclusions than we realized that the city inhabitants were gripped by a sort of madness. They were attacking the ship which, in retrospect, might have served everyone better by crashing into the doomed city. Alas. I tried force-attacking some of the citizens but we were so badly outnumbered that my efforts seemed futile. Whatever affliction has fallen upon these people appears to have transformed them both mentally and physically. While I lack any formal medical training, they seem incurable. I tried to extract a promise from Visas, that she would kill me if I contracted whatever ails these people. She gave me no such assurances. Probably I’ll have to do it myself.


ZombiePlacebo inkleaf

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