Legacy of the Rancor

Dorian Vhek's Journal, part 4
The lady Jedi is no help at all....

Well. Visas and I teamed up and started flinging infected Chyss around like so much debris. As my luck would have it, I ended up swallowing some of that gray goo that seems to be the end result of the plague. Doubtless I’m infected now. Visas didn’t kill me (figures) and since my lightsabre was confiscated I couldn’t effectively take matters into my own hands. I may have thrown caution to the wind and lightninged a few of the infected Chyss…but they’re better off for it. Visas did manage to convince the Chyss from the ship to ignite the gray goo before it infected anyone else, but then speeders emerged from the crevice-city. We were approached by someone – the mayor, perhaps – from the city. Visas didn’t manage to talk sense into him or the ship’s captain. The Chyss leader put Visas under arrest and insulted me and my fallen brother Knights. Bastard. He arrested me too and loaded us into his vehicle.

On the trip back to the city Visas pulled some Force trick that wrecked the speeder (it didn’t do me any good, either) and I wasted my only chance to get the better of the mayor. After causing a ruckus, Visas went ahead and healed the speeder’s driver and convinced the mayor that the whole thing was an accident. I never realized how subversive Jedi could be (you’d think they’d put the effort to better use). Visas tried to convince the Chyss official that Darth Hayt was responsible for the plague. He didn’t buy it. She tried to talk about the sorcerors of Rhonde. That didn’t work either. Visas seems to have a lot of plans that don’t work. I should probably set a better example of how to get things done.

We ended up in an underground bunker and more Chyss arrived with collars, on sticks no less, to use on us. I tried to escape by turning myself invisible, but the Chyss charged up their mazers to use on Visas. I hesitated, or something…maybe Visas mind-tricked me…because I went along with them after all. I’ve never had this much trouble working with a Jedi before. We got hauled before a sorceror of Rhonde and everyone started talking about whether they should just execute us, or torture us first. So long as they kill me before I succumb to the plague…that’s the best I can hope for at this point.

Tinitos Tehrshik Journal #19

Csilla negas

Afta I defeated the Mandalore, I assume command o’ da Crusade. I talk ta da Rodian, Chido, & have da Mandalorian generals & da previous Mandalore’s second brought back ta establish da chain o’ command. I have Maya moved ta my tent fer safe keepin’. Da Twi’lek, Surool, is helpin’ me find da original contract dat da previous Mandalore had made concernin’ da Crusade. I also orda da retrieval o’ Dr. Fenn from da slavers. Chido tells me dat it’s gonna take a couple o’ weeks ta get ‘er.

I find out dat da original contract was with da Mandalore an’ an individual named Nihl, ta run a genocide campaign ‘gainst da Killicks an’ da Rakata. Da Killick are da insectoids dat we’ve run inta out here dat are ‘paren’ly crafters o’ renown from olden times. Da Rakata were previously “dark force” users dat I hear used ta have a great empire before modern times.Rumor has it dat dey had da “force” stripped from ‘em an’ made deir technology unusable, because deir tech was all based off o’ deir use o’ da “force.”

I get ta talkin’ ta Maya ‘bout everything dat’s happened an’ we decide on goin’ inta Chiss space wit’ da crusaders an’ offer our help in getting’ rid o’ da Mngaal-Mngaal

A coupla days later a General Tessik arrives an’ demands an’ audience wit’ me. When I greet ‘im on da parade grounds, he immediately tells me I’m lyin’ ‘bout da contract dat I have Surool give ‘im. When I take da data slate back from ‘im, I see dat dere’s no mention o’ Nihl an’ dat da contract was between da Mandalore an’ da Empress. Tessick challenges me ta a duel over my right ta lead da crusade. He also refers ta da previous Mandalore as a “visionary.”

Because he’s da “challenger”, I get ta choose da weapons ta be used. I decide on claws, since he doesn’ look like he’s toten any. We also strip off our armor an’ helmets, dis seems ta give him some pause. When we join combat, he refuses ta attack me. He whispers ta me dat I should “make it quick.” I whisper ta him dat I’m not gonna kill a valuable soldier an’ leader. We go inta a whispered talk while we are pacin’ each other. Ends up he’s one o’ da Quarren dat we rescued from Dak when it was destroyed. ‘Paren’ly we’re some kinda heroes to his people, so he refuses to fight me, so I back away from him.

As I’m backin’ away from him, I get stabbed in da back by two light sabers. Then I hear a whisper in my ear dat tells me dat “someone’s going to die today.” It’s Darth Talon! Scat! I try ta attack ‘er wit’ my claws, an’ I get a good swipe in, but it does little damage. Tesseck jumps in between us an’ tells me ta back away, so I do. I jump back ta my gear an’ retrieve my rifle an’ open fire on her! Jus’ afta I fire, da rest o’ da crusaders do too an’ vaporize her where she stands. As a note of skill, Tessik is unhurt by all o’ da crossfire.

After dis, Tessik tells me he’ll help me find my companions. We start by sendin’ out scouts ta look fer da slavers an’ where dey are. I go an’ rest ta recover from my injuries from Talon. I can’ believe that these Sith jus’ keep sneakin’ up on us like dis! You know I’m gonna haveta see about havin’ Shaakti build some kinda “dark force” detector. If I ever find him dat is.

‘Bout a week later, I get notification from one o’ my scouts dat dey’ve encountered a ship lookin’ fer slavers an’ would I like ta talk ta ‘em? Right away I see dat it’s Shaakti! I ask him what he’s doin’ dere? Ta make a long story longer, we get together an’ share notes. ‘Paren’ly Shaakti an’ Jaris were rescued by the New Trade Federation . Seems dat Jaris has some kinda “life insurance policy” dat dey came an’ got him cuz of. Man I need one o’ dem fer myself. Shaakti tells us dat Jaris has been followin’ Visas “force” signal across da region, makin’ small jumps at a time. Dey’ve been doin’ it fer weeks.

When we get done wit’ our note sharin’, Maya tells us dat she knows where Visas an’ Dorian are, Csilla (da Chiss Homeworld). Dis is goin’ ta be hard. Da Chiss are extremely distrustful o’ outsiders an’ have kept dis region secret from da outside universe. Dey never give out any info on how ta get anywhere in deir space. Dere’s a long silen’ pause after Maya tells us dat Visas is on her homeworld. ‘Ventually Maya gives us da co-ordinates ta get dere. Jaris an’ Shaakti both go back tad a NTF ship (I guess dey liked deir accommodations dere better).

When we came out o’ warp speed, we see an armada surroundin’ da planet o’ Csilla (I got a bad feelin’ bout dis). I ask Maya if dis is normal an’ she tells me “no.” We try hailin’ da armada an’ get no response, ‘cept some o’ da ships start ta sporadically fire deir rockets. So den we try an’ hail da planet an’ get a broken up response. ‘Paren’ly dere’s some kinda interference between Chiss an’ our tech. So I have Shaakti get right on it, since he’s da go to guy fer dis kinda stuff. After a short while Shaakti comes through fer us an’ we get a clear message “Beware of the ships & keep your distance” an’ dat’s when all o’ da fighters start burnin’ straight at us!

Dorian Vhek's journal part 3
Things managed to get worse

I was initially glad to discover I survived the rancor’s attack…but found myself in a shipboard prison cell, with Visas in a neighboring cell. I was rather less glad about that. Visas shouted for a guard until one showed up, but he simply insulted her for being a Jedi and left. I decided a more proactive approach was in order, and opened my own cell door, damaging it spectacularly in the process. While I wandered, invisible, more guards arrived and Visas tried again to reason with them. When that failed she wisely left her cell and joined me. We made our way, both invisible, in search of the ship’s bridge. In an unfortunate turn of events, the ship seemed to fall under attack while we were in the lift to the bridge. The lift jammed and we had to climb out into a corridor where the view from the nearest window showed us that the ship was crashing into a planet. Left with no other options, we boarded an escape pod and escaped. Visas went to all the trouble of making sure the ship didn’t crash, and set it down safely near the large city it would otherwise have smashed into. We had reached a Chyss planet and had, in the escape pod, arctic clothing and gear. We had no sooner reached these conclusions than we realized that the city inhabitants were gripped by a sort of madness. They were attacking the ship which, in retrospect, might have served everyone better by crashing into the doomed city. Alas. I tried force-attacking some of the citizens but we were so badly outnumbered that my efforts seemed futile. Whatever affliction has fallen upon these people appears to have transformed them both mentally and physically. While I lack any formal medical training, they seem incurable. I tried to extract a promise from Visas, that she would kill me if I contracted whatever ails these people. She gave me no such assurances. Probably I’ll have to do it myself.

Tinitos Tehrshik Journal #18
The brave only die once, cowards die many times.

Cassus handbook

Man I didn’ figger my day would end up like it did, but it did & here it is. I woke up ta someone kickin’ me in da side. I realize quickly dat I’m in a tent. Hmmm, dis isn’ what I woulda figgered afta I was knocked out wit’ da poison by da slavers, but here I am, somewhere. Afta I peer about, I figger out afta a bit dat I been sol’ inta service ta da Mandalorians an’ deir crusade. I get assigned a Rodian ta indoctrinate me inta da Crusade. He tells me dat I’ll be equipped wit’ armor afta I survive deir ceremonial swearin’ in. I hafta recite deir coda in Mandalorian;

“Education and armour,
Self-defense, our tribe,
Our language, our leader,
All help us survive.

I also havta demonstrate my skills in order ta qualify fer da Crusade. I also discover dat anudder “recruit” jus’ past muster. She was a little “sneakier” than me & she’s Chiss (Mya?). I spot her later on in formation. We nod at each other an’ keep our distance. We don’ know how safe it is ta be friendly here.

A few hours afta I demonstrate my skills, da Mandalore arrives in a shuttle wit’ his insignia emblazoned on da side o’ it. He comes off o’ da shuttle wit’ his gold helmet visible ta all an’ proceeds ta inspect all o’ da new “recruits.” While he’s doin’ dis, he stops in front o’ me fer a bit lookin’ at me through his visor. I don’ get it. When he comes up ta me, I recite da credo as well as I can an’ I survive. He moves on, while still lookin’ back at me occasionally. Dey give me a light repeatin’ rifle as a welcomin’ symbol.

Whe he reaches Mya further down da line, he yells out “You!” an’ hits her wit’ a mailed fist. Knockin’ her flat out! Afta dis, he states dat she’s a “known enemy of Mandalore” an’ dat she’ll be executed by da end o’ da day! Da Wookie she was standin’ next ta drags her out ta a stake in da middle o’ da parade grounds an’ ties her to it. Dat’s when things really go south fer me.

I step forward an’ challenge da Mandalore ta a duel ta verify his right ta lead. Things move pretty quickly afta dat.

Dey bring me a suit o’ Mandalorian Scout armor fer da duel, along wit’ a vibro blade an’ a vibro knife.

Luckily I’m pretty quick, so I get da drop on ‘im an’ get firs’ strike. I hit him perfectly, an’ he returns da favor. We exchange cuts over a very short time, but when it’s all said an’ done, I got him down ta deliver da death blow ta him by slicin’ his neck when I discover dat I recognize him. He was da storm trooper dat we embarrassed back on Thrawn Hold. He was da one we defeated when he was chasin’ Mya an’ we took his ID off o’ him an’ used it ta get inta da Empire’s dock an’ stole da Banshee from dem. ‘Paren’ly da empire didn’ take kindlt tad is an’ kicked him out an’ he found his way inta da Mandalorian forces.

I guess dis makes me da new Mandalore now… Wow.

Visas Marr Journal Entry Nineteen

I compose this entry as I swing upside down within our captor’s holding cell. Poor decision making on my part has led to our capture. We found the pirates as we had hoped and were brought into their hanger bay once caught in their interdictor field. We had planned to procure some stasis devices to help elude the Chiss scanners.

Along with the scanner we were going to need to disable the interdictor to be able to escape the ship. We split into three groups; Shaakti and the Imperial Knight were to grab the stasis pods while Tinitos and I disabled the generators for the interdictor. The remaining people were to stay aboard the ship and stall the pirates as long as possible.

Thinks were going well for Tinitos and I. We had found the generator room with only a couple of road blocks. One being a blast door that was sealed but I was able to lift it and cut it open with my lightsaber. However once we reached the generator controls we fell into the enemy trap of what appeared to be an immense gravitation plate. It pinned us to the ground as a group of pirate and pirate slaves descended on us.

With much effort I was able to pull myself off the gravity plate and pull the leader onto it. However that is where our successes finished. In my travels and teachings I have attempted to stay as far away from the dark path as possible. I believe this has been a tremendous error in my judgment. In my attempts to avoid the Dark Side I have begun to fear it and in turn started me down the path I most hoped to avoid. Had I simply done what was necessary to ensure the survival of my crew and friends then we would not be in the predicament in the first place. My hesitation and fear of the darkness may have doomed us all.

If you are seeing this then obviously we were able to make our escape and I was able to relay my experiences into the cube and hope that Jedi avoid similar pitfalls in the future. Otherwise this will never reach anyone else and I’m simply talking to myself…

Tinitos Tehrshik Journal #17
I Smell a Trap! Scat!!!

Org esp vagaari

Da ship’s bay doors close afta we pulled inta deir dockin’ area. Da ship’s da size of a corvette, it could house ‘tween 500-5,000 crew ‘ere. We disembark as soon as we can. Da plan is fer me an’ Visas ta go an deactivate da grav’ generator, an’ fer Shaktee an’ Dorian ta go an steal ‘bout 6 stasis pods (we figger dat dey’ll be easier ta get an’ need less firepower).

Me an’ Visas are sneakin’ ‘long a corridor (I have’ta go slower cuz Visas isn’ able ta move very fas’ when she’s sneakin’ huh). As we’re movin’ along, we hear footfalls comin’ from ahead o’ us. It sounds like a group o’ workers, cuz it isn’ in synch like mos’ military types like ta walk. Visas an’ I take cover in one o’ da outer chambers dat access da outer “blisters.” Da group goes pas’ us. Dey’re a group o’ all sorts o’ alien races; lizards, Kurgle types an’ da slaver race o’ Vagari (pink skinned wit’ really long arms, huge hands, golden masks an’ multicolored robes). We let ‘em go by an’ continue on our way.

We get ta a blas’ door dat we think is engineering. Visas firs’ tries ta “force” da door open an’ den cuts da lockin’ pins. Afta she gets it open, we can hear da roar o’ da engines. Visas does ‘er force “feely” thing an’ says dat da controls are in here, but a couple o’ levels higher. We start searchin’ da area a n’ I find some warheads wit’ some specialized penetratin’ tips, dat ‘splode afta penetration. Pretty nasty. Afta dis, I find a tall cylinder like structure dat seems ta traverse da entire ship. We climb it fer a really long time, ‘ventually comin’ ta a platform. As soon as Visas tries ta touch da controls, we get pinned ta da floor. She ‘paren’ly triggered somekind o’ grav’ plate! Scat!

As soon as dis happens, a slaver comes out wit’ a bunch o’ slaves actin’ as a livin’ shield ta him. I open fire on da slaver an’ hit one o’ da slaves. He still maintains his cover fer his master. Dis is goin’ ta be hard. Afta dis, Visas uses her Jedi trick ta pull da slaver onta da grav plate wit’ us. It gets ‘im stuck. Now da slaves wit’ hammers come inta play an’ start ta try an’ hit us wit’ ‘em. Durin’ dis attack, I sight up on da slaver an’ intimidate him inta submission. He drops his ceremonial wand, indicatin’ dat he’s surrendered. I take da wand o’ office an’ find a button on it. I assume dat it controls da grav plate. It unfortunately doesn’t. The tip o’ da wand falls off onta me an’ embeds me wit’ some kinda poison. Afta dis, da slaver actually moves aside his mask ta smile at me, an’ ta make sure I see his smile. I’m gonna have ta kill dis one.

Visas tries ta do some kinda force thing at da grav plate. Afta she does dat, she pulls me off o’ it. As I’m layin’ dere, one o’ da slavers comes over ta me an’ tries ta hit me wit’ his hammer. He misses, so I shoot him in return. He looks hurt, but still standin’, so I shoot him again, an’ now he’s lookin’ da worse fer wear. I’m not feelin’ too good, I need ta get dis poison taken care o’.

Visas manages ta break da grav’ generator. But in da process, she gets captured by one o’ da slavers wit’ his gun, an’ she ends up danglin’ over da edge o’ da platform. I don’ member much after dis’ cuz I loose awareness cuz o’ da poison in my system… All I know is we’re screwed unless Visas’ Padawan can negotiate our way outa dis…

Dorian Vhek's Journal, part 2
Shaak Ti found a Rancor

The padawan devised a plan of action that required us to travel – undetected – in Chyss space. The group planned to liberate some stasis technology from Bajaari pirates with the idea that we could all go into stasis, pass undetected into Chyss space, and proceed with our mission. The pirate ship sported the most unusual exterior feature in the form of clear, individual prison cells. Whether the cells were intended to punish the occupants or unsettle passersby, I could not tell. We went aboard the Bajaari ship without trouble and Shaak Ti quickly found deck plans to direct us to the projector array, which we would have to deactivate in order to leave, and to the stasis chambers. Visas and the cat volunteered to take care of the array, so Shaak Ti and went to retrieve the stasis chambers. We didn’t very far before someone, presumably a Bajaari, stepped out into the corridor behind us. He was wearing an enormous mask, one nearly as tall as himself, and performed some sort of stomping ritual after which a contingent of slaves rushed out to surround him. I tried throwing my lightsabre at the Bajaari and the slaves returned a volley of shock-webs. The Bajaari threw an object at us that deployed pinchers and clamped into the nearest wall. Shaak Ti retaliated with a grenade that shattered one of the prison cells imbedded in the hull. The Bajaari and most of the slaves vanished; Shaak Ti and I hurried on our way. We had to crawl through a series of air ducts and ladder-well shafts to reach one of the areas of the ship housing the stasis chambers. While I was studying the endless-seeming stacks of chambers, Shaak Ti figured out how to use the nearest computer console and both selected and opened the largest of the stasis chambers. Unluckily for us, a rancor emerged from it. I tried to levitate the monster, but it managed to grab the stasis chamber and throw it at me. The chamber hit me in the shoulder on its way to becoming a managled heap. I hid behind it and force-threw a smaller stasis chamber at the rancor. Although I hit the creature, it seemed to recover instantly. Worse, it charged over to pick up Shaak Ti and bash him about, rather like an angry child with a rag doll. It then turned its attention to its erstwhile prison. While the rancor bashed the enormous stasis chamber, I used a haze to hide myself and Shaak Ti, buying enough time to retrieve his grenades. After the rancor knocked over an entire row of stacked chambers, I tried to lure it away from Shaak Ti. I threw a grenade, and I think I hit it, but my plan to outrun the creature after that failed miserably. It outpaced me in seconds. Being bashed into the floor by a rancor is enough to make surrender sound like a reasonable idea…


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