Legacy of the Rancor

Episode 1

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Episode I

For seven long years, the galaxy has suffered under the iron grip of the Sith Emperor DARTH KRAYT. Having destroyed the Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance before seizing power, the Dark Lord of the ONE SITH has reigned unopposed.

The true Emperor ROAN FEL survived assassination and now gathers his forces around his new capital BASTION. The Galactic Alliance also lives on as a rogue fleet led by ADMIRAL STAZI.

With resistance on the rise, the Galactic Empire is once again in the business of developing a super-weapon to destroy its enemies.

A spy of the Fel Empire has uncovered Emperor Krayt’s genocidal plans. But the long reach of the Sith will stop at nothing to silence her before she can return to the resistance…

Visas Marr Journal Entry One

What a spot we seem to have gotten ourselves into this time. My new companions seem to be trust worthy so far though I’m not sure about the Cathar. We weren’t on the station for very long before he decided to raise ruckas with a group of Troopers that seemed to be chasing a human woman. I had noticed what was going on and was going to see how things played out before he sprang into action and started letting lose with his blaster rifle. Between the three of us we managed to take care of the Troopers, but we had to make a hasty exit afterwards. I helped out as best as I could and I hoped no one noticed my ‘help’. Its hard to keep things on the down low, you know?

The woman who had already seemed injured went down in a hurry, but from who’s shots it was hard to tell. We managed to take the woman to a near by med facility and to get patched up. She was carrying a datapad of sorts that seemed to indicate her name was Maya.

Maya was on the station to deliver or pick up some information from a broker named switch. We managed to find this switch character and it turned out he was a droid. A DROID can you believe that? Not only that he thought he was some sort of crime lord or something. Told me to shut up at one point and I had to reach back at my training to hold back. What happened to the day of restraining bolts?

Once we managed to prove that we had what he was looking for, or was it what we were looking for? Hell I don’t know anymore. All I know is that we need to check out a ship that was impounded on Blue Deck the ‘Banshee’ captained by someone named Garga Lore?

Sometimes I wonder if it would just be easier to turn myself in…

I sed "Roar!"
Smells Funneh inna 'ere

JOURNAL ENTRY; Tinitos Tehrshik
I find myself in a doubtful situation…grr.

I’ve jus come back from a partially successful mission wid two strangers dat I know little of. One is a(I don’t remember Sean’s name or race) & he seems shifty (he smells like mushrooms)? He seems alright in tight situations though, I just don’ know if I’d leave anytn’ lyin’ around him. The oder one is even more odd. She (?) smells off, sort of lie old meat left on a hotplate too longs. She is one of dose unsighted ones dat must use the force ta sense things. She’s actually shown she can fly. Dis worries me.

We got back from a little kit-cuddling duty ta da Mandalorian Space station fer a little R&R and ta look fer some more work. We went down ta da local entertainment den & started in ona round er two, when I noticed a Chiss female come in tru a back door limpin’ & faverin’ her side ‘den shortly after, a small patrol of Stormers came in hastlin’ der way tru da crowd. Dis made me twitchy, so’s I moved out o’ dere sight lines ta see where da prints lie.

Suddenly da Stormers noticed da Chiss & rushed her wit’ bared claws. Well dis didna’ sit right with meh, so’s I shot the lead one. Tings escalated & the sneaky one also joined in da pounce. I don’s knows where da bline one wen’ (she claims her names VeyeSass, or sometin’). Some odder one trew a canter ats one a da Stormers, ta hep. Well ‘tings got right sticky den, buts I managed to deflate them troopers & save the Chiss.

Afterwards I took ‘er & the two baldies up ta da medic’s fer treatmen’ (she was bleedin’ ou’). I hads ta pays da Doc ta treat ‘er. ‘Parenly my sidekicks don’ carry cred’s. I’m bou’ broken now. The Doc puts ‘er inna Bactank in back (which is hid good). We leave tru da back & find a tuber ‘tel ta spenna time ‘til she’s healed up.

Da sneaky one manages ta hack inna da Chiss’s PDA & gets some info outta it. Somethin’ ‘bouta guy named “Switch”? & some blue deck. V’eyesass decides we should goes checks onnit. So’s we goes dere & runs inna a black ‘bot & his pigboys (they smells tasty, not him ‘dow). Considerin’ da sneaky ones suppos’ ta be sneaky, he pretty much ‘dells Switch where da Chiss is holed up at! I jus’ ‘bout gut ‘im fer it. He finly shuts ‘is maw. Anyway, Switch makes us a offer ta work fer ‘im. We turn it down ‘dow. It’s too longa work fer too little pay. So’s we heads up tad a ‘tuber & naps fer da night.

Next day we goes ups ta check on ‘er & see iffin anyting’s a changed fer her. Good ‘ting we did too! ‘Parenly some guys come up here durin’ da night & hastles da Doc, askin’ er abou’ our Chiss (sneaky mushroom tells me ‘er names Mya? (bald ones have funny names)). So’s I gets ta talkin’ tad a doc & Veyesass goes snoopin’ roun’. I notices a Dug hangin’ outside da medic & realize I’ve been seein’ ‘im aroun’ us d alas cycle. I tells da sneaky one ta goin back & tell Stale Meat ‘bout ‘im & I stays up front ta keep an eye on hims.

“Parenly da Chiss is a fast healer, cuz she’s awake. So Stale Meat & da doc frees ‘er & get ‘er ready ta make tracks oudda ‘ere. Dey sneak ‘er oudda da back while I keeps an eye onna Dug out fron’ & when dey calls me & scoot on out!

We makes our way down ta da ‘Perial’s hangers & use a passcard Veyesass picked up sommere’s. We gets inna da hanger & discover ‘deres two ships docked & we don’ know which is da Banshee? Smells bad inna ‘ere. Like lightning strikes inna beach. Dere’s five Stormers practicin’ ere & some more up inna boot’. I takes a defensive spot wit’ good cover & watch da oters head up tad a boot’. A little while later, dere comes some kina announcemen’ tad a stormers ta take a break. Well da Sarge doesna’ like dat & heads up tad a ‘boot. So’s I shoots ‘im & start some fun times.

Ta shorten ‘dis log, I takes mosta ‘dem out & de otters manage ta blows da control ‘boot up! Nice! But smells bad ‘dow. Well ‘dey makes it down tad a ship, at les’ I hope so & I cover ‘dem. Good ‘ting, cuz now I finds out why it smells so bad. ‘Dis red skinned guy comes up inna lift & ‘trows de odder ship a’ me! Good ‘ting I’m quick! I manages ta shoot ‘im a coupla times (even dow he blocks ‘em wit ‘is saber). So’s Sneaky-shroom manages ta limp onna ship & I covers ‘is ass all da while.

Mya & Veyesass manage ta get da ship outta dere & away inna ‘Ypperspace. So’s we ends up at (I forget the planet’s name). Where we gets ta meet a gold wearin’ Jedi Knight namma Azlyn? She’s a bitch anyway & I’m not much likin’ Mya’s scent eider, ‘cuz I tried ta talkin ‘er & she’s been givin’ me da cold look ever since. Bitches. Anyways, shortly we figer out dat our package is unner Veyesass’s bed. It’s anudder knight frozen in carbonite & stored ‘dere, givin’ ‘er bad juju every night.

Azlyn & Mya manages ta taw ‘im out & ‘es wonna ‘dem squidgy faced guys & anudder jedi knight too! (man where was ‘dese when I hadda face ‘dat Hate guy? Huh? Guess ‘e owns da Banshee, ‘cuz ‘e gives it ta us as danks & promises us more work & nice places ta stay fer now.

Shaak Ti's Recap??

We (my new aquaintences, Visas the Miraluke and TiniTos the Cathar)returned to the Medical Shop to check on status of Maya whom we had previously saved from a fate worse than death (how clishe)

While checking on her status noticed a Dug dresssed in rags watching us from across the way. We had been seeing a lot of him apparently following us.

Visas’went to back room and used force power to hasten healing of Maya in Bacca tank. Dr Fenn was impressed with Maya’s ability to heal so rapidly

Kept a wary eye on him and decided to let him know our intentions without being obvious. While one watched the Dug we released Maya from her healing tank.

She gave us thanks from the “Fel Empire” (Empire currently in exile). I accepted her thanks even though I do not have any affilitations with any particular party or governing order. Visas and Tini Tos also accepted her thanks.

Maya then explained that she is trying to return to Mygeeto but has been followed by Hoyte (a red skinned individual). She has information which needs to get to Mygeeto. She asked us for help and we agreed.

Maya stated that she was trying to board and use the ship Banchee currently docked in the Blue Deck of the Imperial Landing Area. Once again we headed out the back door of the “Medical” Shop.

During this time Tini Tos was trying to recuit Dr Fenn or at least get her to leave. She refused but did offer to help us as much as possible.

Made our way to the elevator on Imperial Landing Area without incident.

Elevator opened to Blue Deck, revealed 2 ships

  • dynamic Class Freighter
  • Staryacht
    • Bocado Class (very nice)

Only problem were the 5 drilling guards between us and the ships. Observed 2 others located in the Control Room above our entry.

Tini Tos took cover behind large metal container while Visas, Maya and I went up to the control room. Visas used force power to mind control the two operators and asked them to have the drilling guards take a break. They refused and the Sgt started over to the control deck to see what was happening. Tini Tos took him out and the battle was on. Finally eliminated all 5 guards on main deck. Left guards in control deck but tossed an explosive device on controls, fired some pot shots and left my little gun there dam it!!

Made our way over to ships, the Banchee turned out to be the Staryacht, Visas and Maya boarded and started up engines. Tini Tos provided cover for me across the hanger desk when the elevator doors opened and a Sith was there.

The sith came out and tried to throw the freighter on top of the starship, impressive to say the least. Visas was able to deflect it to only a glancing blow. Barely kept the sith at bay while engines got going and we managed to get the Staryacht airborne.

Maya stated that was Hoyte, the sith lord following her while she programmed ship for starjump to Mygeeto.

Arrived at Mygeeto and met Master Aslin Raye whom Maya had an appt with. Also met with a Quarran named Thoul Kegler.

Ki-Adi Mundi (The traitor who died in honor of the 501s)

End of session – achieved a level and a bonus feat

Visas Marr Journal Entry Two

I’m not even sure where to start this entry, but starting at the beginning is as good as any. We made our way back to Dr. Finn’s office to check on the state of ‘Maya’. It turns out that the Dr. had some debts owed to our friend Switch and that he now knew where Maya was being held. Switch wasn’t acting on the information yet, but just having that information was enough for him and you knew that he would be doing something about it eventually.

It still looked like it was going to be a couple days or so before Maya would be stable enough to move with any swiftness. While the team was talking with the Dr. I took it upon myself to go into the back and check on the patient. Once back there I called on what limited training from Master Savarin to try and heal her enough to be able to move her quickly. I don’t believe anyone was the wiser as I called the Dr. in to check Maya out when she opened her eyes.

Finn was surprised at her rapid recovery, and after a few minutes we were able to get her to answer some of our outstanding questions. Maya said she was part of the Empire-In-Exile. I can’t say I trust anything with those connections, but the need to off the space station was just above that worry on my worry list. She said she was delivering information or something that was stored on the ‘Banshee’ down on Blue deck. It turns out this deck is pretty much the Imperial impound yard. Luckily I had a security card!

All this time (the cathar) figured we were being scouted by Switch. There seemed to be a Dug that was conveniently keeping an eye on the med center. He suggested we make a break for it out the back since cameras were showing an all clear. The Dr. decided to stay back and we successfully escaped the med center though the service corridors and made our way to Blue deck with the handy security card.

Upon entering the impound bay; we were greeted with another issue there were two ships and we had no idea which one was the ‘Banshee’. Problems increased when we noticed a squad of storm troopers running exercises between the two. It was suggested that (the cathar) bunker down and keep watch while we try to check the operations room and see if we can discover which ship is which and maybe provide a distraction for the troopers.

Maya and Shaak Ti went with me as we headed to the operations room. Unfortunatly there were two officers keeping watch in there and we didn’t want to alert the troopers to our presence. I convinced Shaak Ti to let me go talk to them and sauntered my way towards them trying to smooth talk our way onto the ships. They seemed pretty open to and even told us that the fancy ship in the bay is the ship we were looking for. I tried to get them to dismiss the troopers, but the Sergeant wasn’t buying it and that is when everything went to Ossus.

As soon as the Sergeant got his troopers in order and started heading for the operations room (the cathar) opened fire on them. The officers panicked and dropped under their consoles. Maya and I made a break for the ships, but I guess Shaak Ti was worried about the officers and started tussling with them and tossed an explosive charge into the room. (the cathar) was dropping troopers left and right and I managed to ‘convince’ one to flee in fear, a regrettable decision but perhaps necessary at the time.

As we started boarding the ship the elevator doors opened and more troopers appeared along with a cloaked figure. (the cathar) took a few shots at him and he quickly produced his lightsaber to deflect them. My heart sunk as I saw the red hue produced by his blade…Sith. Maya had mentioned someone had been chasing her I guess we found out whom.

Maya and I quickly moved to the cockpit to try to get the ship started and going. The others tried to provide cover and distraction. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the ship next to us started flying our direction. It looked like it had been thrown! I reached out and tried to stop it, but it was just too big. The ship slammed into us partially pinning us. I managed, however, to get us flying and out the airlock into space. A few moments later we were entering hyperspace on our way to Mygeto.

The next couple of days were pretty restless. I kept having dreams of being paralyzed and un-able to move. Little did I know at the time that there was a Jedi Master frozen in carbonite beneath my bed! Talk about a creepy experience.

We arrived on Mygeto and were greeted (in the loosest terms) by an Imperial Knight known as Aslon Ray. Her demeanor is what I would expect from a near fanatical follower of the ‘Emporer’. She’d asked if we brought it though we had no idea what ‘it’ was and she marched onto the ship to reveal the Jedi Master in stasis and the cause for my nightmares I’d assume.

Master Cthule Kurgle was smuggled here for reasons I hope to find out soon. I’ve heard of him, but I don’t think I ever had a chance to meet him. He managed to convince the Imperial Knight to let us stick around for a while.

As we were walking to our destination I noticed a plaque that Read: “Here died the traitor Ki-adi-mundi. In honor of the 501st.” Joy…this place already sucks…

Personal Journal #3
Hmm, do you smell sometin'?

Tinitos Tehrshik;
Personal Journal entry 3

So da female Mya came back ta our rooms ta apologiza ta us fer her way of actin’ towards us afta bringin’ her ‘ere. She doesen know why she doesen like us, but something we did bothers ‘er. I figger’ she’s jus’ sensitive, or somethin’.

Afta she arrives, the squidgy one Kurgle shows up & asks us ta join ‘im fer a meetin’. ‘E says somtin’ ‘bout ‘im havin’ a feelin’ ‘bot us. Whatever. We go wit’ ‘im to some banker in an office sommer else. I notice that Kurgle & Veyesass seem to be starin’ at some kind of trophy sittin’ on ‘dis guys desk. I’m starin’ at it & I finally figure it out dat it’s a Jedi Lightsaber.

I know ‘dese Jedi are some kina religion & all, so Kurgle must be wantin’ dat holy weapon, or sometin’ like dat. Why doesn’t ‘e ask fer it? Veyesass seems to be pretty interested in it too. Why’s dat? Is she a fan o’ da Jedi too?

Well we goes tru some kina blood test ta see if we kin open some kina account ‘ere. I follow everyone else’s example an’ let ‘em prick my finger ta see if I gots da right kina blood or sometin’. I coulda tole ‘em dat I didn’, but ole well…

Afta we all fail da test, da banker gets pretty short wit’ us & starts ta usher us all outta dere, when I gets the urge ta grab da lightsaber “trophy” fer Kurgle. I do it, jus’ as we’re bein’ ushered out & jump inna da lift. Bothe Veyesass & Kurgle seem pretty surprised I did it. I am too. Anyway, Veyesass takes da trophy from me an’ pulls out anotter lightsaber from ‘er own cloak. Hmm…I was beginnin’ ta wonder ‘bout ‘er. Well she switched out da two ‘sabers & offered da udder one ta Kurgle. He refused it, sayin’ he had ‘is own. So she pocketed da udder one in ‘er cloak. The lift doors den opened & we were surrounded by a bunch a security. I already had my weapon drawn & aimed it at da head guy. We stared at ‘im fer a sec or two, when Veyesass went forward & offered ‘im da replica she was carryin’. ‘E took it & told us we could leave. Dat was easy.

When we got back tad a rooms, we ‘ad a bit of a pow wow ‘bout da account & if we needed ta get inna it. Mya & Kurgle seemed ta think we did. So we ‘den wen’ ‘bout plannin’ it. Kurgle ‘ad memorized da account number & Mya seemed ta know where it was generally located. So we figgered ta take our new ship wit’ its stealth ‘bility tad a area & ‘den ta recomoiter da area & break in. I guess we aren’t plannin’ on stayin’ ‘ere long.

As we were ‘eadin’ tad a ship. We came across Azlyn Rae. She seemed ta be tryin’ ta ‘pologize fer ‘er behavior towards us yesterday. It dinna seem ta come easy ta ‘er. So we accepted ‘er ‘pology, while I was maneuverin’ a parts container near da ship. I figger we needed some kina decoy fer our re-enterin’ da atmosphere. Dat way dey aren’ lookin’ fer us.

Veyesass piloted da ship outta da area & we were able ta slip back in wid out anyone figgerin it out. We eventually made it ta da area Mya thought da deposit box was in an da bind pilot landed us ‘dere, if a little roughly.

We ‘den wen’ out & I took point. I snuck over ta where Veyesass had a “feelin’” da box was supposed ta be. Oh! By & by, Kurgle tole us dat da box was ‘parently opened by da infamous Dart’ Vader! Man ‘dis is goin’ ta be fun! So’s I reconnoiter’d da area & figured out which a’ da buildings was oldest & we broke in wit’ ShackTies help. Well waitin’ on da udder side was a combat ‘bot. Armed & ready! Damn! Dat sucked…but well dat’s why dey pay me da big bucks! I trew a frag at ‘im & moved tad a lef’ while Veyesass moved in beside me. Dat damn ‘bot den attacked me by ignitin’ my hide on fire wit’ ‘is flame ‘trower. Ouch!

I den moved furder tad a lef’ & drew my carbine & opened fire on ‘im. Veyesass did some jedi mumbo jumbo & squezzed ‘im & den ‘e blew up. ‘parently Shackties managed ta slip in on ‘im & planted a ‘splosive on ‘im. Good one! Afta da fight, I got healed up pretty good by Shacktie & Veyesass. “Tanks.

We den moved onta da lift & went down tad a right level. As we approached, wit me in point, da right box. Two more smaller ‘droids popped up outta no where & it was on agin! Well I took out da first one pretty quick like & Veyesass musta done da udder one too! ‘Cuz it jus’ blew up.

Well we got da box opened & discovered a pretty empty room wit’ a few items; A bone necklace, a head band, a ring, somethin’ else, & a glowin box. Veyesass seemed ta be pretty ‘cited ‘bout dese…whatever.

We managed ta make it outta dere & headed back tad a hotel ta pick up Kurgle & Mya on da balcony. Dey were dere & we opened our loadin’ ramp while hoverin’ jus’ of da balcony, when outta nowhere dat freakin’ Sith hayte shows up catchin’ Mya mid-leap! I opened fire on ‘is red ass & tole Shacktie ta head up ta da laser cannons we ‘ad on da ship. I managed ta keep ‘im down ‘til Shacktie opened fire on ‘im & dat’s when ‘e dropped Mya off da side a da buildin’. Oh! Dat Sith guy also shot Kurgle wit’ some kinda lightnin’! I wonder if Veyesass or Kurgle can do dat? Dat’d come in handy if dey could.

So’s we got outta dere ‘cuz dere weren’t no reason ta stay dere anymore. Plus I figure’d we’d burned our bridges dere. We’ll probably get arrested if’n we ever go near dere agin’. So now we’re in ‘iperspace & goin’ somewhere Veyesass is familiar wit’ & I gotta wonder what we’re goin’ ta blow up next?

Shaak Ti's Musings #2

Shaak Ti’s Musings #2

My companions are I are escorted to our latest digs, a hotel called “The Hollace”. A nice place at first glance but upon arrival inside I must state a VERY NICE PLACE. So this is how the other half lives (or at least the IGBK on this planet). The actual room is accessed right off the elevator, no hallways just right into the most spacious hotel room I have ever seen. I am impressed and I don’t get impressed very often. The other great thing, the room is being comped by that woman…Master Aslin Raye….hmmm wonder if she needs anything?
The room is huge and the view out the balcony awesome, no filthy Dugs here.

I notice that Visas is on the computer, wonder what she’s up to…well, well, well, she is doing background checks on our hosts…well, well, well.

Master Raye was a former bounty hunter for the Hutts. Pretty impressive list of captures but has dropped off the holonet for a while.

Kurgle was part of the sixth imperial War and a Jedi alliance to the fleet with Admiral Stazi, a Jedi huh…have to watch that one. He also disappeared for the last few years. What’s with the disappearing acts.

Maya – nothing, makes me wonder if that’s her real name.

I think that I need to get a nice minature camera or recording device. I need to get some pics or holograms ready for my rogue’s gallery. Let me see I need to start with Tini Tos and Visas, then Maya, Master Raye and Kurgle. Wonder if the concierge knows where I can one. I mean with the tip that Visas left (125 creds) he should be more than willing to help.

Maya shows up and guess what she actually apoligizes for Master Raye, not really necessary but I’ll (or we) accept. She also says Kurgle wishes to speak with us tomorrow, wonder what he wants?

The nerve of that concierge, asking me if I was going to use the equipment to spy, not my intended purpose but one never knows………

Time to crash and get refreshed and see what tomorrow brings.

Who’s asking to come up and see us….Kurgle that’s right he wanted to speak with us.

Wow this Kurgle is pretty forthcoming, at least on the surface. He admits to working with Admiral Stazi and then just disappearing. I can’t imagine being frozen in carbonite like he was. Anyway Kurgles story is that the Emperor Kyrate is supposedly terminally ill and seeking something that would prolong his life…sounds like something I could use to make a substantial profit. To get this something he is sending his sith (the one we already met, ugh!!) and this something is located in a vault her on MyGeeto. Krugle is planning on meeting someone shortly to discuss this vault and would like us to attend this meeting with him, (a Jedi asking for help, something strange about that). Needless to say we agreed and promptly left with Maya driving (by the way Krugle did call Maya by her full name – AllaMaya Noraleu, will have to check that out when I get a chance.

The meeting was being held with Quid Mendell, the Executive VP of Special Deposits for the IGBK. He basically agreed that a vault (number 117263B) existed here and is intact. This vault was created by the LORD VADER, how intriguing. But before he would allow us to see the vault Krugle has to pass a blood/DNA test which he failed, so Tini Tos, Visas and I decided to see if we were a match, of course we weren’t. All this time there was an object on Quid’s desk and when Quid was asked about he laughed and said it was gag thing, it made the rounds and he currently had it. Krugle was very interested and showed more expressions about it than he should have and I guess Visas knew something as well because as we were leaving he suddenly turned around and took the object right off the desk and ran off with it back into our elevator, talk about exciting!

Then Visas suprised me even more when he opened the container, withdrew the object and replaced it with one he had. Not quite the same but close. He presented the object to Krugle who turned it on and lo and behold it was a lightsaber. Kurgle gave it back to Visas saying he already had one, so Visas kept it. If I did not know it before, I knew it now, Visas was a Jedi (may the force be with him, I prefer to make my own force).

The elevator ride ended and as it opened we all saw the guards waiting for us with weapons drawn. Tini Tos and I drew ours and I quickly moved for cover. Meanwhile Visas and Krugle tried to make amends about a joke and giving back the object which worked, but I think there was some Jedi foolery there as well.

Once back at the hotel we decided that we would attempt to find the vault and obtain the contents before the sith lord. With Maya’s help about the mines and possible layout of the vaults within the mines we left, pretending to be leaving the planet, but much to to Master Raye’s amusement our magnetized landing gear acquired a dumpster (part of our plan actually). As we were getting ready for a Hyper space jump, we cloaked the ship and reenterend the atomsphere and release the dumpster so it would like a meteor coming in. Finally we landed still cloaked and undetected, Visas is a better pilot than I thought considering she is a Miraluke.

Exited ship and made our way to the mines, choice of 3, picked one that looked the oldest as this vault was for Lord Vader. Managed to open the elevator and wow a battle mech staring us in the face asking for a password, oops whatever we said did not work so I immediately went into stealth mode and slipped behind the mech, Tini and Visas stayed out front and almost got fried when the mech produced a flamethrower of sorts but they managed to get some cover. Tini was able to blast the mech while Visas appeared to do his Jedi thing and I saw the mech’s upper start to get crushed. Not wanting to miss the action, I place an explosive device right in the ….great placement if I do say so myself, set if for 10 seconds. The mech was in trouble now, being squeezed and shot and then finally blam it was shredded by the explosive device.

Took the elevator down and found a long hallway with doors showing that we were in the right area. Continue down and found the vault. Decided to open without trying to disarm and failed (well I’m not perfect, close though), a minor alarm sounded and two smaller mechs appeared at either end of the hallway. I went into hyper mode, successfully opened the vault door and entered before I got fried or disintegrated. Meanwhile I heard action outside and then Tini and Visas entered the vault.

How almost disappointing, only five items were in the vault on a shelf at the very back.
- A pendant
- Lock of hair
- A Ring
- Octooth headress with Silka beads (togruta headdress)
- Glowing Blue Cube (apparently this is a Holocron).

We picked up these items and left the vault. We also managed to get back to the ship without incident and travelled to Hollace to pick up Kugle and Maya who had stayed at the hotel awaiting our return. The ship pulled up and Kugle used his Jedi powers to jump onboard. He in turn tried to help Maya when she suddenly stoppped in midair halfway to the ship and believe it or not our most favorite Sith showed himself, Hayte. The battle commenced and we were the aggressors trying to hit Hyate which would free Maya. Hayte had other ideas and blasted kugle, he was down for now. I wondered what we should do when Titi Tos said over the comm link, “Shaak Ti get to the ships guns”. I ran to the guns, and let loose and blasted everything in sight, including the hotel, whoops. But it worked and Hayte was forced into a retreat but he dropped Maya. Next thing I knew we were outta there, guess I will not be invited back to that hotel (provided they find it was I who laid waste to that floor. And now we are heading somewhere so we will have to see where, who and why……stay tuned for more.

Visas Marr Journal Entry Three

Hooray…what a setup we got. I know material things should be beneath me, but sometimes its nice to just live the life, you know? We managed to get a nice suite in a swanky hotel named the Hollace. After we managed to get settled in I decided to do some research on some of the recent acquaintances that we’d acquired and see if I could get any more information on them.
It appeared that Master Aslon Ray was a bounty hunter before the Fall of the Empire. Records indicated that she was very successful even given her size. I bet the force had a lot to do with that. I wonder what Master would of said to that. It appears she disappeared from the bounty hunting scene a couple of years ago.

I looked up Master Kurgle, is he a Master I dunno but I’ll call him one anyway since he’s one compared to me, as well and it sounds like he was part of the Jedi Alliance with Admiral Stazi. He disappeared after a while for apparent reasons.

I couldn’t find anything on Maya, but we did find out later that her full name is AllaMaya Noraleu or something like that. I might have to look into that more later.
The next morning Master Kurgle approached us and told us that he would like us to be in attendence in a meeting he was having later in the day with some banking execs. He said he didn’t know why we should be there other than it felt right with the Force. I guess that Darth Krayt is terminally ill and the cure may be located somewhere on this planet. Master Kurgle’s plan is to get to it first. A worthy plan it would seem.

We accompanied him to an IGBC building and met with a Quid Mandell, Executive Vice President of Special Deposits. As we sat there it became apparent to Master Kurgle and I that the tube head of a VP had Master Ki-Adi-Mundi’s lightsabre on his desk from when he was struck down during the great purge. The Muun said it was a ‘gag gift’ of sorts to show that even the mightiest can fall. What a tube head. We managed to contain our feelings and get down to business. It appeared that Master Kurgle wanted access to items within a vault, 117263b to be specific, but none of us had the ability to open it. It was left by Lord Vader. What a chill that name brings and what hope his real name brings. We could use that hope now…
The test simple blood check and all of us failed. It appeared we would have to find another way to obtain the secrets of the vault.

On the way out it appears that Tinitos’ klepto-mania got the better of him and he snagged the lightsabre on the way out the door. Right front of the tube head no less! Even though we were in the elevator ok I knew once we hit bottom we’d be screwed with this bunch of trigger happy Jawas. Luckily it appeared that the lightsabre was similar to my own and I was able to swap out mine for it. Maybe having a training lightsabre as a trophy might make the joke out on them. Anyways I guess I kind of outed myself as well, but oh well no time like the present. When we arrived at the bottom I managed to smooth things over and hand over the ‘trophy’ back to them and Master Kurgle seem to talk them down as well.

Back at the hotel we decided that we were going ot have to take matters into our own hands if we were to liberate the vault. With Maya’s help we discovered about where the vault was located and decided to use the cloaking device on board the ship to help get us there undetetcted. We figured if we acted like we were leaving and faked a hyperspace jump we could re-enter the planet’s atmosphere disguised as a meteor and then head to the vault location.

After cloaking the ship I had to rely on the force to get us where we were going. It was a diffcult trial considering I had never done anything like that or for such an extended period of time before. Luckily I was able to get us to the proper location and set us down without incident. We ran into a couple of guard droids but managed to finally get to the vault in question. I’ll go to that since it was the most exciting.

When we opened the vault we discovered that it didn’t hold monetary treasure or weapons or anything, but just personal items from Lord Vader’s time as a Jedi:

-A pendent
-Lock of hair
-A Ring
-Octooth headress with silka beads

A holocron! Can you believe it! I haven’t seen one of these for years and who knows how old it could be. It could be millennia old compared to some of the newer ones that I saw when I was a youngling and padawan. Such an odd collection of items to be kept by a Sith Lord, but I guess it’s true that there was really good left in him and Master Skywalker redeemed him. A sad shrine really.

After escaping the vault and heading back to hotel to pick up the other two we ran into our old friend Hayte. He managed to grab Maya just as she was jumping on the ship. The whole time I was unable to do anything because I was flying the ship and there was no one to take over for me. The other three managed to hold him off fine though. I believe Shaak Ti used the main guns to give him a rude awakening. Maya fell to the ground, but Master Ray was there to catch her and she survived. Master Kurgle took the brunt of the damage, but we managed to escape.

We’re headed to Dantooine. There is a lot of history and ghosts there, but hopefully it will be a good place to regroup and plan our next…whatever. I can’t wait to see what mysteries lie in the holocron…

Shaak Ti's Musing #3

Wow, another close call with that Sith dude. Sure hope Maya is Ok, but we had to save our butts back there and are now on our way to god knows where. With the jump to hyperspace complete I went in search of Tinitos and Vesas.

I found Vesas on the bridge and she explained that Maya fell and she received a message from Azlyn Rae that she had been caught and all is well there (or at least as good as can be since they had to leave due to hotel damage). As soon as Vesas’ got the message we (Vesas being the pilot) hightailed it out of there and into hyperspace, destination being Dantooine. Now that I up to date on the current situation I wandered around, checking this and that to make sure everyting was in working order and eventually came back to the bridge where Vesas was talking to herself (not the first time I have observed this type of action) or so it seemed. Upon closer observation she was in fact talking with someone who appeared to be a hologram.

This person immediately turned to look at me and I was taken aback, the movement was almost fluid very unlike a hologram and I immediately knew that this was not a normal hologram but something very different and exciting. Vesas introduced me to Gnost-Dural, the Keeper of the JEDI Archives from the time of the clone wars. Okay I see another historical lesson coming on, or is hysterical lesson more appropriate. I really did want or need a lesson from that era as that was from the time of my ancenstor the original Shaak Ti, wonder if this Keeper knew of her?

But before I could ask, Tinitos had entered and was completely taken aback by this image. He could not understand how it was presented, he was mystified in every way. Me I just thought it was way cool. Vesas then brought the conversation with Gnost back to what the Sith Lord could possibly be looking for to prolong his life. This holgram or halcon was almost a sentient being, absolutely fantastic!

Gnost was not really sure and explained a couple of possibilities might exist

  1. An illness called RAK Fever which if left untreated turned you into a RAK Ghoul. This so called plague was developed by Lord Muur and was part of the 100 years of Darkness War. A serum was eventually developed by someone called Revin. The interesting thing about this plague was that the non-force users were immune. This was evidenced when the Jedi Ulick Quell Droma was poisoned each time he tried to use the force and was going mad until he found that if he did not try to use the force he suffered no more.
  2. Search for immortality – but of course the records on this were missing. We tried everything we knew to get the records but alas we will have to figure it out for ourselves.

We finally arrived at Dantooine, what a disappointment, this planet was barren and mostly uninhabited. While orbiting and deciding what to do we received a message from Maya, she was alive and well and wanted to meet with us to discuss what new info we had. We scheduled a meeting with her in the Fat Lady Casino on Ord Mantell, she would wait for our arrival there. Only one problem, it was in the complete opposite direction we had been traveling and it would take at least a week to get there.

Tinitos suggested we land on the planet and restock our supplies. Sounded like a good idea except between us we probably did not have enough credits to buy a paper bag. Once on the planet we met PM Reiken and he wanted 50 credits, a docking fee or if we decided we did not want to stay 25 credits, highway robbery, but again Tinitos was on the ball and he told Reiken we were looking to stock up and would give him a percentage if he could provide a good POC for us. Reiken said to talk to Torgo the Hutt and pointed us in the right direction.

We found Trogo and unforunately we did not have enough money to resupply our ship. When we explained that we needed the supplies to get to Ord Mandell Trogo said he had an idea, if we delivered a cargo for him (since his last couriers let him down) he would give us the supplies for free and we would even make a profit upon delivery to the Jubilee Wheel, Bets Off Bar. We would get paid by Arkun if delivery was complete and the merchandise was still sealed. After much some intense discussion, Tinitos and I decided to accept the deal.

The next day the merchandise arrived, one large metal strongbox, sealed all the way around and three large containers of supplies. We (or the lackeys that Trogo supplied) loaded the cargo. Reiken came over and we saw an exchange take place, so Reiken was taken care of.

We proceeded to Ord Mantell where we discovered that the Jubilee Wheel is an 8 spoked station that orbits the planet Ord Mantell. We docked and made our way to the Bets Off Bar where we met with Arkun. Arkun followed us to the ship and inspected the merchandise which was still sealed becuase both Tinitos and Vesas had guarded it like hawks to prevent me from opening to see the contents (no doubt I will get my own back). Satisfied Arkun gave us 10,000 credits and had his lackeys unload the cargo.

Now that we had some credits we went to Ord Mantell met Maya the Lady Fate Casino where we exchanged information. We relayed to Maya what the holocron told us and she said that Kurgle was suffering from something with the same effects as Rak Fever and could not use the force without having serious repurcussions. She also told us that that may be a cure on the plant Zanoma, however the planet is currently missing.

Missing?, yes this is a sentienent plant complete with a hyperdrive. It was known to be headed toward Chiss space and they all decided we needed to go there straight away to try and save Kurgle. Inwardly I agreed and I decided that this was the time to check out the holocron.

We left and entered hyperspace with Maya providing the coordinates. Before long we were entering Chiss space and suddenly we were being hailed in some foreign language. Maya took charge and spoke with them them and then 4 very large battilions appeared in front of us……….

Shaak Ti's Musing #4

Well it seems that at the very end of the last episode our ship was taken in by their ship. It was a Corellian Corvette; I guess the Chiss would rather use an existing model than create their own. This is good because at least we know the layout of these large cruisers. Anyway we were tractor beamed into the large bay of this ship and it was large and rather empty, there were approx 6 Clawcraft fighters there but not much else. These clawcraft fighters looked interesting, I will have to get a closer look at some time if I can.

Once the Banshee was docked (I heard the magnetic click) we deboarded and found we had attracted a small crowd. Approx 10 Chiss personnel were waiting for us. These were Chiss military personnel and Maya was saluted as soon as they saw her. I never saw that coming, guess Maya is pretty important. The one in charge addressed in some unknown language, then tried another, Hutsee and both Tinitos and I understood. He asked us what we doing in Chiss space, but before we could respond Maya spoke up and explained our situation to him. He asked a couple of further questions and stated that we would be escorted across Chiss space and we could resume our travels looking for this Zanoma planet in Killick space and it had been spotted there rather recently. Maya was then surrounded by guards and escorted away.

The commanding officer said we had free range of the bay, everything else was off limits and there are two guards located at each entrance, then proceeded to leave us alone.

We (Tinitos, Visas and I) decided to explore the hanger and off we went. We did not see much except for a lot of passages and as the CO had said two guards at each entrance. There were some classrooms around and each time we looked in the Chiss gave us a look, seemed that they thought they were above us, snotty nosed bastards. At last we found a galley and went to eat with the same results, we apparently were not good enough for them based on the looks we received and the whispering that going on. We ignored them and eat rather well until Maya finally came back. Maya explained how the Chiss system worked and that she was part of the Military house and a rather important person in that house. She also apologized for her absence but she had to be debriefed about her activities and what was happening around the galaxy.

Maya also explained that Killick space was occupied by the insects and the Chiss and Killicks had a long and complicated history with each other and now both sides watched the other like a hawk, always expecting the worst to happen. May also explained that the Chiss had an open relationship with the Sith empire, more of a diplomatic relationship which avoided the possibility of war as the Chiss were non-aggressive people and did not attack with sufficient cause. After the history lesson, Tinitos wondered if there was the possibility of obtaining arm our and Visas and I wondered about obtaining a droid of some type. Maya would check and let us know.

Since the trip across Chiss space would take round 6 days I decided to check out the clawcraft fighters and Tinitos and Visas accompanied me. As we approached one a mechanic was there replacing (or appearing to) a tube. He greeted us rather well (weird since all others were so distant) and he promptly explained how the Clawcraft fighter was different and used a different energy source for weapons, apparently there was no stun feature with this source. This accounted for the strange blasters the guards were carrying. Interesting choice considering that these people were supposedly non-aggressive. He also explained that they used parasite bombs on the Killicks, another interesting choice for a non-aggressive society.

Maya returns and she has some armor for Tinitos, he needs it as he has been taking a beating lately. She also has an AstroMec droid. Looks to be in pretty good shape except for large piece of metal missing on the right side. He beeps at me “Help me” and I reply I will. I take him back to the ship and begin the process of repairing the droid. After four days we are all at each others throats when Visas goes really pale. Once she recovers she states that she just got a feeling within the force, something is not right; the force has a hole in it and needs repairing. She talks with Kurgel who confirms this. This hole is actually on the ship, finally at last some excitement. Since this rupture is on the ship and we know that the Chiss are pals with the Sith we decide to handle it ourselves.

Tinitos had noticed an air shaft that was large enough for us to use so we made our way there, no guards either. We quietly removed the grate and made our way inside. I was at the rear and replace the grate, not my best attempt but at least not enough noise to warrant any unwanted attention. The shaft wound around and with directions from Visas, Tinitos led us to an area that had an air filter applied and it was sucking air into a room. Rather than open the filter and possibly get sucked in we back tracked around a corner where we found an opening and climbed out of the vent. Still no guards, awesome but worrisome at the same time. Tinitos led us around a corner to a door, I tried to see if it was locked and it immediately opened up. On the other side was a laboratory and three individuals were in the lab. The room in front was sealed off from the lab and contained computer equipment to control the lab. Further examination showed that there were two Chess and another individual who was wearing a surgical mask but had reddish color skin, none other than Hyate and he had not noticed us yet. Moving quietly we managed to enter the room and hide behind the computer equipment. I was very familiar with this type of computer setup and explained that we could isolate the area they were working in. Looking over the top we noticed that Hyate was very interested in something inside a container, so interested in fact he had still not noticed us.

I further explained that once that area was sealed it could then be blown out into space; basically this was to prevent contamination of the ship, a very good safety feature when in space. Visas, Tinitos and Kurgle agreed that was what we needed to do, seal and then clear by blowing it into outer space. I punched the buttons and suddenly the area in which they were working was sealed. As I was getting ready to blow them to outer space, Hyate used his force and slammed us against the back wall. As we were being slammed into the wall the inner seal blew and the entire lab was now exposed. As the inner seal broke an ugly grey ooze was sprayed around the glass, obscuring our view of the room. One thing we did notice was one of the two Chiss had opened the entrance to the decon chamber and then immediately closed it behind him.

The filtration system for the lab had also stopped working. Tinitos managed to get up and press the sequence of keys needed to blow the lab into space. Suddenly the lab and all contents were sucked into outer space. The Chiss and Hyate were gone but the gray goo did not want to leave, it seemed to stick to the glass and very, very slowly pulled away from the glass, it was like done in a slow motion sequence. I don’t know what that stuff was but I do know that I am glad it is gone.

Alarms were sounding everywhere so we hightailed it back to the shaft and moved along back to the bay, no one had even noticed we were gone. Another strange thing – no alarms in the bay, if we had not done that we would never know anything had happened. Here in the bay everything was normal and the guards were still posted at the doors. Oh well back to the astro mech droid.

Several hours later Maya appeared and told us all hell had broken loose on the ship, apparently the lab had been sabotaged and blown into space and she bluntly asked “Do you know anything about that?” Of course we replied we did not.

Early the next day we were talking with Maya when the ship slowed down and cam out of the hyperspace and finally stopped altogether. Maya was visibly worried and said she would check with the captain and try to find out what was wrong. She departed and aprox 20 minutes later the power on the ship went out. We all gathered on the ship because at least it had power and after a short discussion we decided that this might be a good time to leave, but the magnet holding our ship to the bay apparently was holding a charge and would have to be turned off. Visas would keep the Banshee running and try to contact Maya while Tinitos and I would try to turn off the magnets power. At the edge of the boarding ramp Tinitos spotted something and started shooting his blaster. I pulled my pistol out and continued on to where the power supply for the magnet was located. I could hear more blaster fire and then I also heard a shuffling noise off to my right. Not to be deterred I continued on and arrived at the power station. I searched and finally found the power source for the magnet and turned if off and hightailed back toward the Banshee. Along the way the shuffling noise grew louder and was directly in front of me. I saw something and did not hesitate, just shot and ran on. Whatever it was took the hit and pieces of hit went flying, was it that grey goo we saw from the lab, this was not good. I radioed Visas that the magnet was off and he radioed back that Maya was stuck at the other end of the hanger in a dogfight with the Chiss.

I was directed to run back that way and Visas would pilot the Banshee that way and pick me up on the way. I turned around again and guess what my shuffling friend was there so I shot him again and went around. Now I could hear the Banshee colliding with a couple of clawcraft fighters as it rapidly approached me from behind. Then I saw Maya on top of a clawcraft fighter and she was desperately trying to keep these Chiss things away. As I got closer I also saw about 30 of the Chiss things had her surrounded and then I heard automated blaster fire and pain, I was hit, but still moving and the Banshee was now right behind so turned and leaped for the ramp which was still down. My timing was superb and I in one bound I was up on the ship and past Tinitos who was spraying another round of blaster fire. As I turned to see what was happening the Banshee plowed into the Chiss things, completely destroying them and then rose up slightly so Maya could leap onto the ramp. Maya made the leap of faith; Tinitos turned and followed her into the ship. I heard the radio crackle “Get the ramp up and lets go”. The ramp closed and we left the Chiss ship’s bay. Wow that was another extremely close encounter with seriously demented zombie like people. I made to the ships cockpit to find out what I could……..


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