Legacy of the Rancor

Shaak Ti's Recap??

We (my new aquaintences, Visas the Miraluke and TiniTos the Cathar)returned to the Medical Shop to check on status of Maya whom we had previously saved from a fate worse than death (how clishe)

While checking on her status noticed a Dug dresssed in rags watching us from across the way. We had been seeing a lot of him apparently following us.

Visas’went to back room and used force power to hasten healing of Maya in Bacca tank. Dr Fenn was impressed with Maya’s ability to heal so rapidly

Kept a wary eye on him and decided to let him know our intentions without being obvious. While one watched the Dug we released Maya from her healing tank.

She gave us thanks from the “Fel Empire” (Empire currently in exile). I accepted her thanks even though I do not have any affilitations with any particular party or governing order. Visas and Tini Tos also accepted her thanks.

Maya then explained that she is trying to return to Mygeeto but has been followed by Hoyte (a red skinned individual). She has information which needs to get to Mygeeto. She asked us for help and we agreed.

Maya stated that she was trying to board and use the ship Banchee currently docked in the Blue Deck of the Imperial Landing Area. Once again we headed out the back door of the “Medical” Shop.

During this time Tini Tos was trying to recuit Dr Fenn or at least get her to leave. She refused but did offer to help us as much as possible.

Made our way to the elevator on Imperial Landing Area without incident.

Elevator opened to Blue Deck, revealed 2 ships

  • dynamic Class Freighter
  • Staryacht
    • Bocado Class (very nice)

Only problem were the 5 drilling guards between us and the ships. Observed 2 others located in the Control Room above our entry.

Tini Tos took cover behind large metal container while Visas, Maya and I went up to the control room. Visas used force power to mind control the two operators and asked them to have the drilling guards take a break. They refused and the Sgt started over to the control deck to see what was happening. Tini Tos took him out and the battle was on. Finally eliminated all 5 guards on main deck. Left guards in control deck but tossed an explosive device on controls, fired some pot shots and left my little gun there dam it!!

Made our way over to ships, the Banchee turned out to be the Staryacht, Visas and Maya boarded and started up engines. Tini Tos provided cover for me across the hanger desk when the elevator doors opened and a Sith was there.

The sith came out and tried to throw the freighter on top of the starship, impressive to say the least. Visas was able to deflect it to only a glancing blow. Barely kept the sith at bay while engines got going and we managed to get the Staryacht airborne.

Maya stated that was Hoyte, the sith lord following her while she programmed ship for starjump to Mygeeto.

Arrived at Mygeeto and met Master Aslin Raye whom Maya had an appt with. Also met with a Quarran named Thoul Kegler.

Ki-Adi Mundi (The traitor who died in honor of the 501s)

End of session – achieved a level and a bonus feat

I sed "Roar!"
Smells Funneh inna 'ere

JOURNAL ENTRY; Tinitos Tehrshik
I find myself in a doubtful situation…grr.

I’ve jus come back from a partially successful mission wid two strangers dat I know little of. One is a(I don’t remember Sean’s name or race) & he seems shifty (he smells like mushrooms)? He seems alright in tight situations though, I just don’ know if I’d leave anytn’ lyin’ around him. The oder one is even more odd. She (?) smells off, sort of lie old meat left on a hotplate too longs. She is one of dose unsighted ones dat must use the force ta sense things. She’s actually shown she can fly. Dis worries me.

We got back from a little kit-cuddling duty ta da Mandalorian Space station fer a little R&R and ta look fer some more work. We went down ta da local entertainment den & started in ona round er two, when I noticed a Chiss female come in tru a back door limpin’ & faverin’ her side ‘den shortly after, a small patrol of Stormers came in hastlin’ der way tru da crowd. Dis made me twitchy, so’s I moved out o’ dere sight lines ta see where da prints lie.

Suddenly da Stormers noticed da Chiss & rushed her wit’ bared claws. Well dis didna’ sit right with meh, so’s I shot the lead one. Tings escalated & the sneaky one also joined in da pounce. I don’s knows where da bline one wen’ (she claims her names VeyeSass, or sometin’). Some odder one trew a canter ats one a da Stormers, ta hep. Well ‘tings got right sticky den, buts I managed to deflate them troopers & save the Chiss.

Afterwards I took ‘er & the two baldies up ta da medic’s fer treatmen’ (she was bleedin’ ou’). I hads ta pays da Doc ta treat ‘er. ‘Parenly my sidekicks don’ carry cred’s. I’m bou’ broken now. The Doc puts ‘er inna Bactank in back (which is hid good). We leave tru da back & find a tuber ‘tel ta spenna time ‘til she’s healed up.

Da sneaky one manages ta hack inna da Chiss’s PDA & gets some info outta it. Somethin’ ‘bouta guy named “Switch”? & some blue deck. V’eyesass decides we should goes checks onnit. So’s we goes dere & runs inna a black ‘bot & his pigboys (they smells tasty, not him ‘dow). Considerin’ da sneaky ones suppos’ ta be sneaky, he pretty much ‘dells Switch where da Chiss is holed up at! I jus’ ‘bout gut ‘im fer it. He finly shuts ‘is maw. Anyway, Switch makes us a offer ta work fer ‘im. We turn it down ‘dow. It’s too longa work fer too little pay. So’s we heads up tad a ‘tuber & naps fer da night.

Next day we goes ups ta check on ‘er & see iffin anyting’s a changed fer her. Good ‘ting we did too! ‘Parenly some guys come up here durin’ da night & hastles da Doc, askin’ er abou’ our Chiss (sneaky mushroom tells me ‘er names Mya? (bald ones have funny names)). So’s I gets ta talkin’ tad a doc & Veyesass goes snoopin’ roun’. I notices a Dug hangin’ outside da medic & realize I’ve been seein’ ‘im aroun’ us d alas cycle. I tells da sneaky one ta goin back & tell Stale Meat ‘bout ‘im & I stays up front ta keep an eye on hims.

“Parenly da Chiss is a fast healer, cuz she’s awake. So Stale Meat & da doc frees ‘er & get ‘er ready ta make tracks oudda ‘ere. Dey sneak ‘er oudda da back while I keeps an eye onna Dug out fron’ & when dey calls me & scoot on out!

We makes our way down ta da ‘Perial’s hangers & use a passcard Veyesass picked up sommere’s. We gets inna da hanger & discover ‘deres two ships docked & we don’ know which is da Banshee? Smells bad inna ‘ere. Like lightning strikes inna beach. Dere’s five Stormers practicin’ ere & some more up inna boot’. I takes a defensive spot wit’ good cover & watch da oters head up tad a boot’. A little while later, dere comes some kina announcemen’ tad a stormers ta take a break. Well da Sarge doesna’ like dat & heads up tad a ‘boot. So’s I shoots ‘im & start some fun times.

Ta shorten ‘dis log, I takes mosta ‘dem out & de otters manage ta blows da control ‘boot up! Nice! But smells bad ‘dow. Well ‘dey makes it down tad a ship, at les’ I hope so & I cover ‘dem. Good ‘ting, cuz now I finds out why it smells so bad. ‘Dis red skinned guy comes up inna lift & ‘trows de odder ship a’ me! Good ‘ting I’m quick! I manages ta shoot ‘im a coupla times (even dow he blocks ‘em wit ‘is saber). So’s Sneaky-shroom manages ta limp onna ship & I covers ‘is ass all da while.

Mya & Veyesass manage ta get da ship outta dere & away inna ‘Ypperspace. So’s we ends up at (I forget the planet’s name). Where we gets ta meet a gold wearin’ Jedi Knight namma Azlyn? She’s a bitch anyway & I’m not much likin’ Mya’s scent eider, ‘cuz I tried ta talkin ‘er & she’s been givin’ me da cold look ever since. Bitches. Anyways, shortly we figer out dat our package is unner Veyesass’s bed. It’s anudder knight frozen in carbonite & stored ‘dere, givin’ ‘er bad juju every night.

Azlyn & Mya manages ta taw ‘im out & ‘es wonna ‘dem squidgy faced guys & anudder jedi knight too! (man where was ‘dese when I hadda face ‘dat Hate guy? Huh? Guess ‘e owns da Banshee, ‘cuz ‘e gives it ta us as danks & promises us more work & nice places ta stay fer now.

Visas Marr Journal Entry One

What a spot we seem to have gotten ourselves into this time. My new companions seem to be trust worthy so far though I’m not sure about the Cathar. We weren’t on the station for very long before he decided to raise ruckas with a group of Troopers that seemed to be chasing a human woman. I had noticed what was going on and was going to see how things played out before he sprang into action and started letting lose with his blaster rifle. Between the three of us we managed to take care of the Troopers, but we had to make a hasty exit afterwards. I helped out as best as I could and I hoped no one noticed my ‘help’. Its hard to keep things on the down low, you know?

The woman who had already seemed injured went down in a hurry, but from who’s shots it was hard to tell. We managed to take the woman to a near by med facility and to get patched up. She was carrying a datapad of sorts that seemed to indicate her name was Maya.

Maya was on the station to deliver or pick up some information from a broker named switch. We managed to find this switch character and it turned out he was a droid. A DROID can you believe that? Not only that he thought he was some sort of crime lord or something. Told me to shut up at one point and I had to reach back at my training to hold back. What happened to the day of restraining bolts?

Once we managed to prove that we had what he was looking for, or was it what we were looking for? Hell I don’t know anymore. All I know is that we need to check out a ship that was impounded on Blue Deck the ‘Banshee’ captained by someone named Garga Lore?

Sometimes I wonder if it would just be easier to turn myself in…

Episode 1

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Episode I

For seven long years, the galaxy has suffered under the iron grip of the Sith Emperor DARTH KRAYT. Having destroyed the Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance before seizing power, the Dark Lord of the ONE SITH has reigned unopposed.

The true Emperor ROAN FEL survived assassination and now gathers his forces around his new capital BASTION. The Galactic Alliance also lives on as a rogue fleet led by ADMIRAL STAZI.

With resistance on the rise, the Galactic Empire is once again in the business of developing a super-weapon to destroy its enemies.

A spy of the Fel Empire has uncovered Emperor Krayt’s genocidal plans. But the long reach of the Sith will stop at nothing to silence her before she can return to the resistance…


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