Legacy of the Rancor

Visas Marr Journal Entry Eight

I haven’t been keeping up on my journal since the incident with Kurgle. I guess my mind has been elsewhere. We have spent the last few months doing odd jobs and mostly just trying to keep ourselves busy and out of trouble. Our next job is to pick up a splicer by the name of “Section 8”. I guess he got some info he wasn’t supposed to have and he was last known heading into Bothan space.

We check into a hotel that was next to the Hotel Hollace oddly enough, but we decided to try a new place, they probably wouldn’t let us in anyways. Shaak Ti immediately hits the holonet looking for our guy and finds that two people that match who we may be looking for have arrived recently and one of them in our same hotel, room 1001. Tinatos and I decide to take watch for them in the atrium and make sure they don’t leave while Shaak Ti manages the security cameras.

While watching the atrium we notice a human with a group of Rodians show up at the front desk. It appears the human is getting pretty agitated. I decide it might be a good time to try and play the two sides against each other. I call up the room and tell the person that answers that there is a group of at the front desk looking for them. Tinatos sends a note to them with the room number. A short time later we notice the Rodians appear to be acting a bit weird, almost like they are drunk or drugged. We then notice a human female perched up on one of the trees with some sort of rifle. She quickly scampers down and makes her way to the elevators.

Tinatos say says it would be a good time to try and take the splicer since they will be on the move now they’ve been found out and I agree. We get Shaak Ti to hold all the elevators except for one we can ride up on. We get to the top and they are already on the move. After a quick scuffle I catch the human female with the force and levitate her off the ground. She stops struggling and calls out my name questioningly and lowers her glasses. Pure red eyes…I’ll be a Skywalker its Maya!

We quickly swap stories and find out she’s Section 8 has some important info and the Fel Empire is curious who is looking to buy it. They are meeting someone later tonight for the swap. We get the data to Shaak Ti and he manages to find out it is just a hyperspace route to some empty system. Later that evening we head to the market to find this unknown buyer.

The place were supposed to meet is a large park and kind of a maze. Tinatos sets up in a tree with sight of the meeting location. I accompany the rest to the spot. Of course this is where stuff goes bad as it usually does. Turns out the buyers were the Sith Empire. I mean really, we should have just guessed that, these evil bitches are everywhere. Darth Talon it appears this one is called, and she’s formidable. She easily deflects all of Tinatos and Shaak Ti’s attempts. I leap at her with my lightsabers drawn. We exchange blows for a short while before I can tell she is going to ever take me. I still have a long way before I could ever take on a full Sith Lord. I managed to buy enough time for people to retreat and I also quickly make myself scarce. We eventually manage to all meet up at the ship and blast out of Bothan space…good riddance.

Visas Marr Journal Entry Seven

We successfully navigated the hyperspace route provided to us by Veila and reached Coriellia. As soon as we entered orbit we were hailed by Cor-Sec and are directed to a port were we can land. It appeared that they were expecting much from us landing in a Star Yacht, almost every step of the way on the planet we were fleeced for as much money as we had. We even got pointed to a Hotel Hollace again and it turned out as badly as you’ll see, but we did manage to get half way decent price on rooms.

Shaak Ti found a research facility nearby that may be doing research into the illness that is afflicting Maya. We reach the facility and talk to the doctor who isn’t all that keen on helping us. We manage to convince him and since Maya is a Chiss he’s interested on a different species to look at as well. He says he will need time so we decide to head back to the hotel in the meantime.

As soon as we reach the hotel we are in trouble. The power appears to be out and the place is as quiet as a tomb, at least at first. I suddenly can sense the flower child screaming in my head, asking me ‘Why I did this to it.’ as apparently it’s in extreme pain. I also can sense Maya further up in the hotel as well, so we decide we must make our way that direction. It isn’t long before we see there are some seriously messed up things going on. It appears the hotel guests and staff have turned cannibalistic somehow. They are moving around feral and hungry. We manage to fight our way to the upper levels, avoiding and fighting off many hungry guests.

When we reach the room I immediately see Kurgle collapsed on the floor. I go over to check on him and he says that that Hayte took Maya and the flower and he couldn’t stop them. I turn around to tell the others, but Hayte is already at the door and they’ve engaged him…
There is a reason why I haven’t mentioned Kurgle up until now. Betrayal only deserves a foot note in my journal because it was at this time that Kurgle impaled me with his lightsaber. I looked down to see the sickening red blade sticking from my stomach. I staggered forward but redoubled myself as I had business to attend to and turned all my attention on Kurgle. I destroyed him. I used every force ability at my disposal and crushed the Sith worm for what he was. We I had him defeated I didn’t wait for him to gloat, or anything. I plunged my sabre into his throat and watched him die. I had won, but unfortunately a small part of him had won as well…

It appeared all this time that Hayte was just a manifestation by Kurgle and we were never able to see through it or notice it. It was such a powerful illusion that it would feel real. Scary. To sum up the rest of the story it appeared that Kurgle was trying to make himself immortal with the flower someway and had perverted it for his own use, causing these cannibal attacks. I manage to communicate with it and say we’re sorry for what happened and if it can help these people. It says it can only save one. We make the tough choice of saving Maya as we seal ourselves in a meat locker down in the hotel kitchen. Tinatos calls in Cor-Sec to level the building to stop the spread of the epidemic and I call on the force in a way I never have, moving the meat locker through space and appearing it across the street…

Shaak Ti's Musings #7

Well that last adventure certainly had some rousing twists and turns, some good, some bad but we survived. Not necessarily in one piece. Visas will probably never trust another Jedi for a while, I know I was fooled and hopefully I will be more adept at noticing these things….but then again we live a life of danger. Anyways we split up for a time doing our own thing. I just wandered around trying to gain some knowledge about building things mostly explosives and droids.
Finally I met up with Visas and Tinitos again on Nar Shaada (a city moon) deep in Hutt space. After a small party (with hangover) we perused some jobs for Bounty Hunters, everybody needs some experience, There were two of particular interest, a pirate operating somewhere in the Phellam Sector and an infosplicer heading toward Bothan Space. Pirates were boring so we decided to go after the infosplicer named “Section 8”. What kind of name is that, its got to be an alias. Also found out he is a Duro and he apparently stole something important because some rich bastard won’t say what it is but is willing to pay 7,000 credits for its and Section 8’s return.
We got the Banshee out of semi-retirement and headed toward Bothan Space, after a week we arrived at Bothawui (the home planet in this system). Bothawui is known as the Bothan spy net, I guess this is where all the spys hangout and exchange their info. We flew around the plant and found the capital city of Drev Starn and socked at the spaceport there. While we being processed for entrance we managed to glimpse the logs of recent arrivals and presto it showed the arrival of two Duros in the last week.
Once we were free of the spaceport we located a hotel call “Clan Atrium”. It was pretty impressive because the first two floors were like a giant atrium with large trees. These trees were there for the large population of cat people on this planet and boy did they use them. After checking in we found a computer terminal in our room and I used my great (if I may say so) computing skills to hack the hotels video footage. We spotted a human woman with a Duro arriving earlier in the week. Further hacking provided us with her name “Lei Tebbe” and they were staying in Room 1001, not far from our room, 621.
Visas and Tinitos went to the local watering hole to see what info they could get and I continued to peruse the computer and get any more info that I could about Section 8 and this Lei Tebbe. After a couple hours of browsing I get a com call telling me hack the elevators and stop one and two as Visas and Tinotos will use 3 or 4 to catch someone. I managed to hack and
stop the elevators, not the right ones but apparently it works as my com is overrun with info. The elevator Visas and Tinitos are using stops at our floor where another elevator is already stopped and then I hear the sounds of a commotion and scuffle. I hightail down the hall and stop at room where all the commotion is happening and what the ……. is that ….. yes its Maya of
all people and I guess the other guy (a Duro) must be Section 8. After we greet each other and get over our surprises Maya explains that she is working for the Fell Empire and she was to protect an asset which turned out to be Section 8.
Section 8 had apparently hacked into some site and acquired some information but it is encrypted. I take the info and after several attempts I break the encryption and discover it is some kind of hyperpace coordinates leading to some strange location. Maya also said there was to be a meeting a midnight in the town square concerning the data. I quickly copied the info so we would have a copy and we waited until the appointed time, where upon we took a taxi to the meeting location. Tinitos goes into sneaky mode and does his thing, I do the same which leaves Visas, Maya and Section 8 alone. Moments later a a female voice says, “Section 8” and he says yes. This person then uncovers herself to reveal a Sith Twilek. “I am Darth Talon and I will have what you stole from us”. A shot rings out from atop one of the buildings and all hell breaks loose. Visas charges and engages her one on one with light sabers but she is too talented and Visas is slowly giving ground, meanwhile Maya and Section 8 take off, after all her job was to protect the asset. Darth Talon is way too powerful and eventually we retreat to lick our wounds and fight another day. I manage to get back to the Banshee and eventually all others mke it as well and we take off, anywhere just to get away……….

Tinitos Tehrshik Journal #10
Is it jus' me, or are dere more Jedi aroun' dan I dought?

Tinitos Tehrshik
Mission Journal #10

We get ta meet wit da “Jedi Council.” Afta which, dey keep Visas fer some reason or nuther. We ‘ventually fin’ out dat she’s been tested an’ promoted ta a “Knight.” Durin’ dis time, Shaakti an’ I go back ta da ship an’ we decide ta try an’ do some much needed up-keep. I manage ta convince “Shadow” ta let us scavenge from some o’ da utter derelict ships. I manage ta scrounge up new fixtures an’ even some new menu items fer our auto-chef. Shaakti tells me he got some more parts fer da ship.

‘Ventually we convince Shadow ta give us a tour o’ da “Temple” (i’s pretty boring). Durin’ dis tour, we get “summoned” ta da council chambers.

When we get dere, dey ask us ‘bout what we would do wit us if we where dem? I dell dem “Reward Us?” Dis gets a chuckle from Shadow. ‘Ventually dey dell us dat dey’ve decided da abandon da demple. ‘Paren’ly we haven’t been deir firs’ visitors here. Cade Skywalker, Ashlin Ray and Atreides Draco came here. Atreides Draco was captured by da sith and dordured for da coordinates.

I remind dem dat we were brought here by da force and maybe dey shouldn’t interfere wid it? We volunteer da help dem wid da vacuation. We were den given 20 Padawan(?) da dake do various places we find. Da jedi help us with upgrading our ship indo being more hospitable, increasing our life support indo da storage ares. We also upgrade and repair an’ replace worn out living quarters stuff. Dey also do a “tune up” on da ship.

On da day o’ departure, we come to realize dat da jedi are aware of an inpendin site attack? We help load up the dedi and leave. Visas decides dat we need ta help with distructing da site attack! Yay! I open fire at da Bomber and den we get attacked by da shadowing interceptor. It misses! I return fire and cut it! It blows up. I actually blow up da bomber too! Durin da combat I notice dat da Armada doubles in size! It’s actually general Stazi’s armada arrivin’ ta surprise attack da sith. We dock with da Indomitable ta get reairs done ta our ship it and possible talk to Stazi?

Da Sith armada does a surprise attack on Stazi! We vacuate da ship an’ witness da Jedi release a massive ray gun on da sith fleet. We manage ta get away. Visas now has a Padowan. Joy.

Shaak Ti's Musings #6
Well off to Corellia to get a cure for Maya and does she look a mess, I know those spikes hurt and I am so thankful I was able to get rid of mine. The voyage is pretty uneventful unless you consider my computer and mechanical skills really failed me when I was attempting to upgrade R4. I blew it big time and short circuited his brain, now its gonna take some major work to get him back to working order. Thule and Maya are spending a lot of time in the kitchen, he seems to be helping her with a paste of some kind to help relieve the pain, makes me shudder thinking about that episode again. Vesas is still talking to himself but not as bad as when we left Zanoma. Tinitos thinks it has something to do with the plant that he collected for Vesas, I forgot about that entirely and now that I think about it, that is when Vesas started acting strange. We finally arrived at the planet Corellia and the best thing about it is we did have to go through normal customs because we came from the outer rim and they dont have much need for security here. We dock at the spaceport near Coronet City and we were given specific instructions to a very private dock and were immediately met by the harbormaster, (portmaster Bartellus). Bartellus seems overly eager to please us, we think it must be our ship, it is a luxury yacht after all. He is sucking up so bad its making me choke but he does know a nice hotel and arranges a limo to transport us there. He also notices Maya and her spikes and recognizes the disease immediately. Since he knows what the disease is we tell we are here looking for a cure, he thinks a moment and states he might know someone who can help. He will contact them on our behalf and let us know the outcome. Our hotel, the Hollis believe it or not, is again really nice but our funds are limited and Vesas wastes no time getting us cheaper accommodations and putting the kibosh on huge tips for the staff, to include Barty (Bartellus), but alas his cred stick has already had a hold of some 1000 credits on it. What a weasel that Barty is, glad its not my credits on hold. We get to our room and I promptly start to research the computer for any information on Maya’s disease. Interestingly enough I find some info about a prof named Vel Masen working at the Coronet School of Medicine here on Corellia. The article and others indicate that he may be close to a cure but then again this is the holonet so I dont get overly excited. I get the particulars on the professor and the school and explain what I found to Vesas, Tinitos, Maya and Kurgle. As soon as I finish we get a comm message from Barty confirming what we already know but he has also managed to get us into the school to talk to Vel Masen. We decide not to wait and grab a taxi (not a limo) for the School of Medicine. Vel Masen is a bit standoffish and does want to help as a cure is still many years away. He even refuses to use Maya as a test case for his current attempt at a cure. Vesas does the Jedi mumbo jumbo thing and suddenly Vel Masen is more than willing to use Maya as a test case. He says “Come back tomorrow and we will get started”. We go back to the hotel Hollis and it is dark and foreboding, no one is around. This could only be bad news. Vesas does her thing and forces open the front doors, still no one around but its dark as heck inside. We slowly make our way across the entrance and discover a grisly sight, two bodies on the floor, basically mutilated and blood everywhere. Can\rquote t see much but sure can hear the squelching of feet on the blood soaked floor. We continue on and arrive at the kitchen area where we find more dead bodies and then a figure suddenly plows through the swinging kitchen door. It appears to be human but looks like shambling mess, almost zombie like as it moves toward us. Tinitos immediately blasts him into a hundred different pieces. The blaster lights up some of the kitchen we see it is full of these humans and they literally eating each other to death, how gruesome. We find the quickest way out of the kitchen and some stairs going up. We approach our room very cautiously not knowing what to expect. The door is busted but still shut, oh great here we go. The door may be busted but it still moves, so we open and look inside. The room appears as we left it, except for the crumpled figure lying in the corner and suddenly we recognize it as Kurgel. Vesas immediately goes over to see if he can help Kurgel. Tinitos and I spread out and look around and then to our utter amazement Hyate is standing in the doorway, no way I say to myself but there he his. Tinitos fires his blaster and tries to get the surprise, no such luck as Hyate was ready. I pull out a frag grenade and prepare to toss it at Hyate when I hear Vesas scream behind me and my toss of the grenade is very poor. I only put a 5 second fuse on it so I had better start moving. As I get ready I take a final look at Hyate and what the …….all Vesas blaster shots are going right thru Hyate into the wall behind. I try to tell Tinitos that his shots are having no effect but he is just too intent on doing massive damage to take any notice. I am trying to get away from the grenade but not far enough and I take some serious damage. Even though I have taken some damage I notice that Vesas and Kurgel are in an all out struggle….against each other! Somehow Vesas gets the upper hand and finally subdues Kurgel and then Hyate just disappears and Kurgel has had a change of color, now a dark red, damm he was a sith all along and played us really well. Anyway we now have the upper hand and put an end to Kurgel and is illusionary friend Hyate. What a night that was and to top it all off Maya somehow got healed and no longer has those ugly white spikes. It will take a while to get over being so fooled by Krugel so the four of us split up at this point and go our own ways for a short period of time.
Visas Marr Journal Entry Six

After the zombie apocalypse we got Maya to put in the nav cords for Killik space and get us the rest of the way. I’ll admit that I sneaked a peak and memorized the coordinates. When we dropped out of hyperspace we in sight of what I guess was a Killik Hive. It looked like a bunch of honeycomb shaped structures connected together. We got in contact with the hive and told them we were looking for the living planet Zynoma. They told us that they knew where it was, but they wanted some sort of payment in return. We told them we didn’t have a lot to offer, but they were more interested in having one of us stay with them and be some sort of convert or something. Screw that I know I’m supposed to be tolerant of others and their beliefs, but I’m not going to be any kind of bug convert for the rest of my life. I managed to talk them into taking the Jedi Holocron as collateral, but they also wanted one of the Vong ships when we returned as well, basically steal one. We told them that we would do our best to meet the terms and the provided us the coordinates on some sort of REAL honeycomb. Shaak’Ti has his work cut out for him.
Shaak’Ti managed to retrieve the coordinates from the honeycomb data disk and we got on our way to Zynoma. When we arrived we immediately got hailed and flanked by Vong patrol ships. We explain why we are there and they end up letting us land and we’re introduced to Magistrate Veila, a human among the Vong!
Veila was very hospitable and provided us a lavish feast and we talked about why we had come and she explained about the Vong hierarchy. I was upfront with them and told them what we needed. A friend of ours was very sick and that supposedly there was some sort of cure located on this planet. We also came clean telling them that the Killik wanted us to steal a ship for them in return for Zynoma’s location, but we wouldn’t do that. If they could provide us a Vong ship that would be great, but understood if they couldn’t. After dinner she told us that they would discuss our needs and let us know if they could help.
The next morning Veila told us that it had be decided that they would try and help us. They idea would be that if Zynoma thought we were worthy of what we needed then the planet would provide what we needed or it would just outright kill us. I guess that was simple enough to understand. We were also accompanied by a Vong.
We make good progress as we trudge through the wilderness, but we did run into some trouble. It seems the Vong have some crazies. People that agree with the way the people of Zynoma were currently living. This guy also looked sick, diseased somehow and diseased he was. In the struggle Shaak’Ti and Maya both got infected by just being touched! They started sprouting spores and coral extensions all over their bodies. The Vong that was with us was some sort of healer and managed to completely heal or revert Shaak’Ti, but Maya wasn’t so lucky. They were able to stop the progress but she was still very, very sick. Great, we are trying to heal one person and another one gets just as sick.
We finally reach our destination. A tree of epic sizes! And more than that it talks! Kind of an annoying kind of talk, a little whiney. I discover it’s actually a flower that lives on the tree that is sentient somehow. This must have been what Master Kurgle had me training with plants all this time for. I convince it to come along with us and help us. Tinatos runs up the tree and tears the damn thing off like it was a dandelion. Some people have no idea the life that is around them. What if plucked that tail off his behind.
Anyways these journal entries are starting to get too long. Long story short we got back and they provided us a ship to take with us and we took it to the Killik and retrieved the holocron. Next is Corellia I guess they have some success in treating whatever is affecting Maya. Veila gave us a secret hyperspace route that leads right there and bypasses the Imperial blockade. Did I mention that the flower talks? Like all the time? Seriously, never shuts up…

Visas Marr Journal Entry Five

So it appears that Maya was actually working on assignment for the Chiss government of sorts. Even though she was kind of free to do what she wanted in our part of the galaxy she is really always working. Double agent of sorts it seems.
She managed to get us permission to move through Chiss space, but the way it’s going to happen is they are going to take us and our ship through Chiss space and dump us off on the other side in Killik space. The Chiss all seemed to be pretty put out by us being there, but weren’t overtly rude. We were really only given access to the hanger bay and not much else. There were some class rooms and a galley. After a little exploring we went and got something to eat and got the same cold shoulder by the Chiss in there. All was good though as Maya soon showed back up and apologized for her absence. I guess she is part of the military class of the Chiss hierarchy and was debriefed on her activities while she was gone. See, double agent!
After lunch we went on being nosey some more. Tinatos and Shaak Ti seemed to be more interested in the ships and technology behind them and I kind of glossed over the whole thing. Maya returned after a bit and brought some new goods for the others. A R4 droid for Shaak Ti and some body armor for Tinatos. Both of these should help us out in our journey. It always seems like Tinatos is getting shot up so anything to help mitigate some of that is good.
After a few days I was about to go crazy being stuck in this hanger bay with these guys. I know in space you spend more time alone than that, but just doing nothing and not piloting anything makes for a boring time. It was around this time that I felt a gap in the force for lack of a better term and it seemed to be present on this ship. Maya had also told us that the Chiss had an open relationship with the Sith at least some sort of non-aggression treaty so that made me very wary. Tinatos had noticed an entrance into the air system that wasn’t guarded very well. This vent was big enough for all of us to move through. We snaked through the air system for a while and we eventually we ran into a large air filter that seemed to be moving a lot of air. We didn’t want to disable it or take it out in fear that the increase in air flow would suck us in one direction or another. Moving back a bit we found an exit that we could get out of the air vent and the no guards was a bonus. A door was nearby so we had to open it up! BAM! Laboratory, jackpot! I don’ t know what we won but we got it.
That was when I noticed what the dark gapping feeling was. Dressed in some sort of scrubs was Hayte. He didn’t seem to notice us and was concentrating on some sort of box. Shaak’Ti got a look at that console in the lab and noticed that he could seal the lab and jettison it into space. Talking among ourselves and Kurgle we decided to go ahead and do it.
Everything that happened after that happened in a blur. Shaak’Ti hit the button and the lab sealed. Hayte took notice of that and slammed us back against the back wall. Some sort of ooze exploded out of the box he was looking at and coated the inside of the seal. A couple of the Chiss inside the lab managed to get out, and somehow Tinatos managed to hit the ejection sequence for the containment lab and jettisoned it into space. Hayte and some technicians were immediately sucked out, but the gray oozed seemed to want to stick around almost like it was alive. Eventually the vacuum of space won over and sucked it out as well.
That’s when the world seemed to catch back up and I noticed the blaring klaxons going off. We made ourselves scares and got back to the hanger bay in short order. When we got there it didn’t appear that anyone even noticed we were gone. No alarms or guards anywhere. After a while Maya finally found us and informed us that they had a situation in another location on the ship and that the lab had been broken into. She seemed to look at us like we might be involved, but we assured her we had no idea what she was referring too.
It was the next day that Maya came to visit again. Seems she’s busy now that she’s back with her own people. While taking with her the ship dropped out of hyperspace and came to a stop. She went to check on things and about 20 minutes later the lights and power went out. We thought this might be a good time to bail and get the hell out of Mos Eisley, but the magnetic coupler still held our ship to the deck so we were unable to leave.
The rest was pretty crazy! The ooze seemed to have infect some of the crew members. I did my best to help the others fight them off. Shaak’Ti was trying to make his way over to the magnetic controls to release the ship and we concentrating on keeping the ‘zombies’ at bay. After that I had to get in and pilot the ship and I couldn’t see what the others were doing. I was flying the ship through the bay trying to collect up everyone and make our escape. I don’t know how we did it, but we gathered everyone and managed to escape with everyone more or less alive.

Visas Marr Journal Entry Four

So I got to meet Jedi Master Jnost Dural keeper of the Jedi Archives. He was the one that created and embodies the holocron. It’s interesting to talk to someone from such an ancient time. He was a wealth of information with insight to many of the great battles over time; Great Hyperspace War, Great Sith War, Mandalorian Wars, Jedi Civil War, etc. Now that I think about it a lot of history is filled with bloody conflict. It is unfortunate.
Master Kurgle seems to have been infected by something from his encounter with Darth Hayte. He says he’s unable to touch the force and every time he tries it feels oily and dark. I tried to assist in healing him, but I received some sort of backlash in the attempt. It was very dark and sinister and probably foolish for me to even try. I even asked the holocron if it had any ideas of what was afflicting Master Kurgle, but it only had slight references such as the Rak-fever or the poison that afflicted Ancient Jedi Master Quel’Droma.
Insert Section of stuff where I was getting Pizza – Dantooine, message from Maya to meet at Ord Mandell, etc
Maya had an idea that what affected Master Kurgle was similar to Rak-fever and that a cure may exist on a planet called Zenoma. Zenoma was the semi-homeworld of the Vong. However once they were implicated in the poisoning of planets the planet ‘Left’. Maya has some ideas where we can find it and enters some hyperspace coordinates and we jump. After a while we are pulled out of space by four large Chiss ships and we are hailed by someone speaking a foreign language…

Tinitos Tehrshik Journal #9
I Thought They Were Extinct

Tinitos Tehrshik

Mission Journal #9

We found ourselves on da planet Naboo, in da capital city of Theed. We came here inna round-about way, in order ta evade anyone followin’ us. Problem is dat it takes up most o’ da rest o’ our supplies. So’s we’re ‘ere resupplyin’ ourselves an’ getting’ our wind back, I hope.

I start tryin’ ta look inta any possible trade goods I kin get my paws on.

While ‘splorin’ da city, we discover dat dere’s a “Sith Mission” established ‘ere. ‘Parent’ly dis ‘ere’s a recruitin’ cen’er an’ dey’re tryin’ ta get as many “volunteers” as dey can. Da empire seems ta be in big need o’ people. While we’re lookin’ inta da facility, Visas discovers dat she “feels” ‘er former master Kavin Savarin in da place (I can guess where dis is goin’).

We ‘cide ta enter through da “coolin’” system (Shacktee finds some old plans tad a facility, an’ splains dat ‘e can figger out ‘ow da place is probably laid out now). I guess da “water gate” wasn’ in da plans. It also didn’ ‘elp dat Shacktee didn’ bring da right kinda tools. While we’re in da tunnel waitin’ fer ‘im ta figger out ‘ow ta open it (Visas even loans ‘im ‘er light saber, to little effect), we get a visit from da maintenance ‘bot. It’s one o’ dose big tunnel cleaners covered in blades fer scrapin’ da walls clean. It’s gonna work pretty well fer us too! I start pushin’ da rest o’ da guys ahead o’ me ta give us some breathin’ room.

Visas manages ta damage da ‘bot ‘nuff ta delay it long ‘nuff fer us ta get away from it. We ‘ventually find our way ta a chamber filled wit’ a buncha “volunteers” getting’ reprogrammed. Dey’re strapped inta chairs wit’ deir eyes ‘eld open an’ dier arms an’ legs ‘eld in place. Dey also ‘ave monitors positioned righ’ in fronta deir faces broadcastin’ some sorta ‘olocast dat’s probably resettin’ deir personailities. I can’ take dis. It ain’ right! I tell Shacktee ta try an’ disconnect dem as fast as possible. ‘E does a pretty good job wit’ some ‘elp from Visas. We also discover dat Visas’ old Master is in ‘ere too! I take up a perimeter guarding position while dey do what dey do. Luckily, I do cuz some kinda interrogation ‘bot comes inta da chamber.
I take it out.

It takes dem quite a while ta ‘cuperate from da “reprogrammin’.” When Master Savarin comes ‘round, ‘e splains ta us dat ‘e was captured several months ago an’ brought ‘ere. ‘E’s been kep’ ‘ere awake da entire time, goin’ through da reprogrammin’ thing. All o’ deses people ‘ave been goin’ through somethin’ similar. We figger out ta take ‘em up in two groups ta get ‘em out. I give Mya a call ta get some o’ da local “bloggers” ta witness dis event.

Visas an’ Mya go up wit’ da firs’ group an’ I go up wit’ da secon’ group. When I get up ta da lobby area, a turbo lif’ cross da way opens up an’ empire officer, two security ‘bots an’ someone else come out. I try an’ take out da officer, I don’. Da two ‘bots open fire on me an take me out. It’s okay, I survive.

I nex’ wake up on da floor an’ see dat da officer is still standin’, so I take a nudder shot at ‘er. Dis manages ta persuade ‘er ta leave da area. ‘Parently while I was “out” da udders were pretty busy takin’ out da ‘bots an’ da udder person. Dey tell me she was a “force user” (whatever dat is). Mya picks us up on da roof o’ da facility an’ we ‘ed out fer regions unknown, Taivas. We’ve also managed ta acquire anudder Jedi (man dese guys are jus’ everywhere considerin’ dey were wiped out).

When we come outta ‘iperdrive, we come tad a planet o’ Taivas an’ discover dat it’s ‘parently da “Secret Jedi Temple.” Woops…

Shaak Ti's Musings #5

Well we got away from all that grey stuff, finally and what a relief that stuff was awful and deadly. It also appears that our enemy Hyate was also destroyed (or will float in space for eternity, yess).
According to Maya and Visas we are heading into insect territory or Killick space. To kill some time I start tinkering with my new droid who has been aptly named R4 (will have to change that!). After all that has happened this this seems so peaceful and serene so I will enjoy it for now.
We are now approaching a world surrounded by asteroids, good way of protecting your planet I guess, and among the asteroids are ships that look like little eggs (reminds me of a beehive cocoon). Our scanners show signs of life on these ships. Vesas and Maya hail them and an ugly sticklike insect appears on screen. He must be using some kind of translator so we can communicate. I believe he said his name was Zoname and we are approaching the Lissel Hive. He needs to know what we want and after a heated consultation we decide to tell him. He went off screen for consultation. Finally he reappeared and said that they knew of the living planet and its location. They would reveal this information for a trade, perhaps one of us come over and join the hive, (ugh the prospect of joining a hive of those things, let me end my life now!!), but they also need something, interesting bargaining now. They will give us something to locate the planet if we have something they can hold as collatoral and they also want us to bring back a living ship.
Wow a living planet that has living ships. After an intense discussion we decided to use the holocron as collatoral and the Killians agreed. We were given coordinates and docked with the egg shaped ship. A few minutes later the door was opened and we saw a custom built dock between the ships, amazing. We made the trade the holocron for what looked like a data crystal?
They must have liked Vesas because they offered her some kind of liquid (later told it was wine). Better her than me.
The exchange made we went back to our ship and departed. I was given the task of deciphering the data crystal. It was most remarkable piece of technology, so simple looking, yet so complex. I applied many things to the data crystal without success, finally I used electricity and amazingly enough it powered on. Now I used all my computer skills to decode the information. After several hours of work I discovered that this was new way of mapping the known world, it was all done by using a very complex system to plot planet coordinates. Once plotted you track any planets location, ingenious really.
I supplied Vesas with the coordinates for the Living planet. We finally arrived at the desired location. There was only one lone planet and a tiny star. We immediately received a hail from someone named Magister Veila. We decided the truth would work here so explained everything, about the Killians and needing to bring them back a living ship and the problem with Kurgle and his possible solution here on this planet. Magister Veila
listened and then suprisingly enough offered to take us to a meeting so we could meet Mazon, the master shaper. see Seckett (apparently this is the intelligence of the plant.
I programmed R4 to keep watch over our ship while we went searching for this Seckett. The path was long and I soon grew weary, my stamina was definite wearing thin and then to top it all off we got attacked by what looked like Toads x2 and Vborg (many). Well we defeated the enemies but at a greast cost. I myself took some damage with some kind of spikes that appeared on me out of nowhere, and boy did they hurt. Lucky for me that they had a cure and I was not immune to it, my spiked days were over but alas poor Maya could not accept the cure and we had to stay clear as the spikes are very contagious.
The best news about this trip was that with a little patience and dedication I was able to complete my current destiny (discovery). I was able to get the coordinates and map a path to Zanoma the living planet.
During all this Vesas became a little strange, she started talking to herself a lot, almost like she was having a conversation with someone we could not see, so very strange.
After getting what we came to the living planet for (at least Vesas and Kurgle got something) we were told we needed to take some coral and go to Corellia to get a cure for Maya and her newly formed spikes.
We plotted a course back to Killian space along with a living ship and completed our deal with the Killians, they got their ship and we got back our holocron. Now on to Corellia…………..


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