Legacy of the Rancor

Episode III
Wrath of the Dragon

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Episode III

The war torn galaxy is recovering from the deaths of two Emperors during the Battle of Coruscant. In the war’s wake and destruction of the One Sith, Admiral Gar Stazi, Empress Marasiah Fel, and Jedi Master K’Kruhk formed the GALACTIC FEDERATION TRIUMVIRATE to restore order to the galaxy.

Yet while the ONE SITH are no longer in power, not all of them are accounted for. The Galactic Federation has offered a generous bounty on any Sith still alive, fueling vengeance head hunt.

The new DARK LORD OF THE SITH has learned a valuable lesson from the One Sith’s defeat, and now plans to put that wisdom to dark ends…

Visas Marr Journal Entry Twelve

Things are pretty dire on Dac. We offer to help as many people escape as we can, and then somehow talked ourselves into breaking into a prison camp and rescuing a bunch of Mon Calamari that were there. We rescued about 70 or so of them and about a third of those were just kids. Luckily we got some upgrades to our ship armament or we may not have been able to pull it off. One of their Rangers, a guy by the name of Captain Ackley helped us in the assault.

With the rescue it seems that Darth Wyrlock, the so called Emperor’s Voice, broadcast a final threat against Dac and said the ‘final solution’ was being put in place. So it’s probably not a good idea to stick around and we should get as many as we can out of here. Over the next few days we prepare for departure with some needed repairs. About three days in I’m awoken by Lyla screaming and crying. Something about them all ‘being dead’. We see Ackley down by the shore and then notice all the bodies just floating lifelessly in the water. Ackley was dead too. Seems some kind of poison has been released into the current.

Tinitos found a holo-map that Ackley had in his cabin. It was mentioning a large reef location called “Algae Sward”, so we decided to check it out. Once we arrived at the coordinates the team somehow talked me into taking the ship under the water. As crazy as it sounds we found some sort of ‘docking bay’ underneath and were able to dock and get out. The air was very stale and old, but breathable. It didn’t take long to discover that this was an artificial reef of some sort and appears to be an old crashed ship.

After some more investigation I discover that this is one of the last remaining World Devastators, specifically Nullifier 5. They were created to devour whole worlds and create fleets of ships with the raw materials. This one seemed to have taken massive damage and crashed into the ocean and abandoned. We quickly get to work trying to salvage the ship and get a message from Admiral Stazi about assignments on rescue locations. It looks like the fleet arrived to save as many people as they could. Oddly they specifically tell us to help no Quoron’s, an order I specifically ignored.

Through amazing feats of engineering Shaak Ti manages to get the ship running, though it was at the cost of our cloaking core, but small prices I say. We managed to rescue several hundered Quoron and Mon Calamari along with Whaledons and a smattering of others. We were able to launch and get into orbit with a push from the Banshee and Lyla. The Nullifier 5 was a scary machine once it got into space. Stazi’s fleet was under attack from behind by the Sith, so we decided to use the ship to make a path. Shots seemed to bounce harmlessly off our hull as we scoured a path through the Empire fleet.

We made a couple of passes trying to clear a space as good as possible, but it appeared Stazi’s flagship wasn’t going to make it. He decided to drive it down the throat of one of the enemy Star Destroyers. Just when it seemed it couldn’t go more poorly for Stazi’s fleet, a fleet from the Fel Empire jumped in behind the Sith’s position and sandwiched them between the two of us, fully routing the enemy.

We rendezvoused on Kamino to drop off all the refugees we had rescued and met up with the Fel Empire.

Shaak Ti's Musing #9

Wow, just when you think u have seen it all, the JEDI outdo themselves again. A hidden temple on a a desolate planet. There are dozens of large starships partially submerged in the water and they all appear to have bridges connecting them to each other. Quite a variety of starships as well, I see some covairs and other big heavy cruisers and it is all lit by bioluminescent Octipi which are apparently native to this planet.
As soon as we land we are told to debark the ship, how rude but we do as we are told, we do leave R4 on the ship though. When we debark I see a blue Twilek and a brown Zabrack who has half a right arm. I learn that his name is Wolf Sazen and the Twilek’s name is Shadow. They want to know how we found the planet. We (or should I say Vesas) explained everything including finding his mentor. They appeared to be satisfied with that and we were invited further inside. The strangest thing happened when Wolf just walked over the edge and started up the side of the ship, spooky that was and then I had to follow, strange sensastion when the gravity changed and now I was walking on the side. Pretty cool once you got used to it.
This planet was created as safe haven for JEDI who survived the great war and avoided entire descimination of the JEDI race. We followed Wolf and discovered that the bridges acted as elevators to different levels of each ship. Shadow takes us to meet the Jedi council and when we arrive we find only 3 members are present. They are introduced to us as T’RaSaa ( a Neti), K’Kruhk (a Whipid) and Tili Qua (a Chadra Fan). Once again we have to retell our story of how we arrived here, I can almost relate it in my sleep now. Vesas then asked what the Jedi planned on doing and the three stated they were raising their youngling and were going to wait for the Sith to ultimately destroy themselves. Vesas thought this was wrong and told them so in no uncertain terms. Then she vouched for us when the council was thinking we may not be trustworthy. I am really beginning to like Vesas, that girl has style. Vesas then said the Jedi should take some of the older younglings and spread them out among the planets, become aggressive and maybe use some guerrilla tactics. The only thing they agreed upon was to think about what Vesas said. With that the meeting was over but Vesas was kept there for some reason. The rest of us left and went back to the ship.
While going back to the ship I spotted a gravity well generator, something that would prevent us from going into hyperspace if we left the planet. Now that was just wrong so while we waited for Vesas to return I used my newly acquired Improvise Devise to create a counter to the gravity well generator. Tinitos took the time to acquire some living stuff for the ship and we inquired about repairs for our ship. Some much needed repairs were accomplished and we got some nice spare parts. All in all it was pretty satisfying and approx 7 hours later Vesas shows up no worse for the wear.
The next day we were given a tour of the area and it centered around mostly abandoned areas, my god it was soooooooo boooooooring. Finally it was over and we were summoned back to the council. They had agreed to let us leave (like we needed their approval) because they were abandoning the planet anyway and after some discussion we were to take 20 younglings with us and
drop them off at various planets of our choosing. One of these was a young Zeldron girl named Lila Fyr and it appeared she was chosen to help Vesas, a padawan. We prepared for departure and after two more days we flew into some deep canyons to wait for some others. No sooner had we got there then all hell broke loose. The planet was under attack by fighters and bombers so we
joined the action. We were immediatley attacked and suffered severe damage so we planning on a hyperspace jump when Vesas noticed a new fleet appearing behind the Sith, it was admiral Stazi and he managed to catch the Sith between his fleet and the planet. We managed to contact the admiral and got permission to dock for some much needed repairs.
Suddenly another Sith Armada appeared behind Stazi’s fleet and the battle continues. Then a blast of energy or light of some kind blasted a hole through the Admirals fleet. The Sith then used that energy to get back to their fleet and it was decided we should leave. Using that energy as a distraction Vesas and his new padawan managed to get us out of there, but not before we hit a few ships. We managed to clear the area and activate thee hyper drive. Another narrow escape……

Shaak Ti's Musings #8

Whew that last one was close. After a short period of rest we plug in the cooordinates for the Corellian Run. Along this run is there is an off shoot to the Zhar system. This place is mostly abandoned therefore it makes a great hiding place so we stay a few days and I repair R4. From here we move on to Naboo and arrive in its capital Theeb.
Rumors abound that this place supports the Fell Empire but that support stopped after the Sith Empire started a plan to genocide Fell Empire sympathizers and the the Imperial mission was replaced the a Sith mission and now is rumored to be an Indoctrination/Intell center. Apparently these people pay well if your an anti-sith supporter.
We decide to spread our own rumor that Section 8 and his body guard were spotted in the Gamorr System. This should give the real section 8 and Maya some breathing room. We place R4 in a startegic location and he monitors the comings and goings of personnel to the Sith mission location. The personnel are mostly officers and young recruits with a small mixture of civilians and they tended to stay approx 6 hours whereupon they left but they had changed their clothes for some reason.
Visas uses his Jedi magic and declares that there are Jedi inside the building (a lot of Jedi around considering they were almost anilitated). Guess what, Jedi means a rescue mission by the three muskateers, yes myself, Visas and Tinitos. We use our subtle skills and locate the original plans for the building. It looks like we should be able to enter thru a system of steam tunnels. So that night we proceed to where the steam tunnel opens and down the hatch we go. These tunnels are full of water so we had acquired some rebreathers which we were using. Since I knew how the tunnels were laid out I took the lead and all went well until we came to a grate barring further access. Of course this was bound to happen. Visas who was behind gave me his light saber, really cool by the way and I tried to slice open the bars. As I struggled to cut the grate we felt waves of water and then a cleaning bot coming up fast behind us. I tried harder to cut the bars and almost succeeded in cutting off my other hand. Luckily for us Visas was able to muster some Jedi stuff and crush the bot, stalling his progress. Just as the bot was gearing up for a final push I managed to cut the grate and we escaped the mad cleaning both which stopped at the grate and went back the way it had come. WHEW
I was sure this was the spot and Visas used his light saber to cut open the tunnel and we were deposited into a storeroom along with a lot of water. Visas did his thing and stated there were Jedi just ahead and one of them was his former master Kavin Savarin. Wierd how he knows these things. We entered a big room which was full of humans all sitting in chairs. They were actually tied to the chairs and their faces were held in place so they could watch some kind of monitor. Ugh this was some kind of subliminal technique. I checked for traps on the chains holding them down, found none and we proceeded to unlock the humans. The last one was in fact Visas long time mentor but before he could have a reunion an interrator droid showed up. Tinitos always ready to shoot something blew the droid away almost before we even knew it was there. I checked it out and found a Sonic Stunner, a stun baton, a med kit and 2 claw appendages which of course I kept. Not seeing any more guards we freed everyone from the sensors.
I was eyeballing the place to see where I might be able to place some explosives to blow this place up when I heard Tinitos and Maya discussing a plan to get some TV cameras out front and we would lead these people to safety but we would not actually leave with them. Good idea except now I would not be able to blow the blasted place up. We found a freight elevator and it was decided that Visas and I would go up with the first lot of humans and get them safely outside, then Tinitos would follow with the rest.
On the main floor we finally met some resistance, 4 storm troopers which we defeated and our group made it out. As we went back though we saw Tinitos had his hands full with a woman (lt who appeared to be in charge), 2 battle droids and a force user. Tinitos tries to take out the officer and the battle droids laser his ass. Visas uses his force power to slam a battle droid into the force user and both then slam into the wall. Wow that force user looked like a water ballon exploding when she hit the wall, I did not know Visas had that in him. Tinitos got back up and blasted the other battle droid, I guess he only has 8 lives left now.
We quickly got the rest of the group out the front door, then went back up the frieght elevator to the roof where we met with Maya in the Banshee and we took off before anything else could happen. Somehow we plotted a course for Tavis which was supposed to be a dead planet. When we arrived it was anything but dead, it was a hidden Jedi temple and Master Savaren had guided us there unknowingly……….

Tinitos Tehrshik Journal #12
I Love Fish!

Personal Journal

Afta makin’ contact wit da hidden resistance on Dac, I’m able ta sell my share o’ da medical supplies we brought ‘ere, I get 2,000 creds. We also manage ta unload da las’ four jedi ‘ere. Dey seem tat ink dat dey can make a difference ‘ere. Good luck ta ‘em. Dis is when we offer ta ‘elp da resistance ta get off o’ da planet. Dey ask us ta ‘elp ‘em wit breakin’ deir own outta da internment camps. Dey tell us ta wait an’ dey’ll get back ta us.

Three days later, da rangers come back ta us wit’ a plan. We lift off ta attack a specific internment camp. Luckily da Rangers ‘elped beef up our ship’s shields an’ repaired our secondary quad cannons dat ‘ave been broken since we got da Banshee. We come to an island of some size, dat also’s been modified wit’ artificial islands attached. Here we find a battle already in progress. Dere’s a towerin’ buildin’ burnin’ like a pillar o’ fire. We move inta save 72 Mon Calamari (mostly women an’ children).

As we’re liftin’ off, we hear from Darth Wyrlock (da Emporeror’s Mouth (I wonder ‘ow many other parts ‘e’s got out dere)) dat the “final solution” is now enacted in destroyin’ Dac! We finnish our trip tad a Ranger’s base o’ operations an’ we do some much needed repairs on da Banshee, while dey organize deir resistance, we take a couple o’ days doin’ da repairs.

I get woken up by Visas an’ her padawan’s scremin’! We discover dat da water surroundin’ da island been filled wit’ dead bodies. We spot Captain Ackley at da water’s edge sittin’ real still. I walk up ta ‘im an’ discover dat ‘e’s dead! Visas searches ‘er “feelin’s” an’ says dat we can ‘elp da survivors! As we’re movin’ back ta da Banshee, I notice dat Ackley’s door is ajar an’ I can see a light shinnin’ from inside. I discover a hologram is on in dere an’ it’s showin’ a large reef. I show it ta da others an’ we decide ta go check it out. It’s called da “Algae Sward.”

When we get ta where da reef is supposed ta be, we take da ship under water, I spot an entrance ta sometin’ deeper. Dat’s when we discover dat da Algae Sward’s artificial. It’s been long deserted an’ it’s a space ship dat’s was built by da Emporer Palpatine, it was designed ta destroy entire worlds! It apparen’ly sucks up worlds wit’ it’s many tractor beams an’ converts da matter inta anything else.

I go back ta our ship wit’ Lila ta get samples o’ da water an’ ta catch any radio coms we can. We happen ta find a comm. From Stazi, announcin’ dat ‘e’s in system an’ assignin’ locales fer pick up, along wit’ a list o’ priority species ta pick up. Shacktee ‘splains dat we can start da ship by usin’ our power source fer our cloakin’ device ta jump start dis ship’s systems. In da mean time, we are able ta pick up a couple o’ hundred Quoran, a bunch o’ Mon Calamari, some Whale-odons an’ Giant Jellyfishes.

We lift off o’ Dac ta discover space battle goin’ on. We enter wit’ guns a blazin’ an’ start consumin’ enemy destroyers. Durin’ dis battle, we hear a communication from Stazi dat ‘e’s goin’ down an’ starts aimin’ towards another o’ da destroyers. We broadcast dat we’ll stay an’ ‘elp wit’ da rescue efforts. Dat’s about when another fleet arrives ta do battle an’ starts layin’ waste ta One Sith fleet. We’re able ta disable da Super Star Destroyer in da battle. Dis las’ fleet is da Fell Empire’s!

After da battle, we go on ta Camino ta deliver all o’ our refugees an’ ta meet up wit’ da Fell Empire. Only ‘bout 20% o’ da population o’ Dac survived dis action.

Visas Marr Journal Entry Eleven

We flew to Tatooine and ported at Mos Eisley. Word is that Dac (Mon Calimari) has good potential for smuggling people off as well as need for medicine and narcotics. Shaak Ti looked up some information on the pirate bounty that we saw on Nar Shadda. He found the pirate’s name is Rav with a ship named the Crimson Axe. Five of our friends chose to depart here and move on their way. Tinatos decided to take up the offer of a death stick which I’m sure will turn out poorly.

Shaak Ti negotiated for a delivery job to the planet Phaleen inhabited by a reptilian race. The Phaleen Throne is the capital city and we’re to deliver it to the yellow district (construction and manufacturing district). I land the ship directly in the Czerka Arms yard. The planet is pretty filthy with industrial pollution. After making the delivery the planet comes under attack by a star destroyer and we make our escape. I’m ashamed that I didn’t chose to stay and help and I feel it may have greater consequences in the future. I must reflect on this.

Next we stop on Bothwai and deposit another five of our friends and Section 8 as well. I guess parading around the galaxy spitting in the Empire’s eye didn’t suit him. Tinatos and I both invested in some medical supplies with the idea that they will be needed down the road on Mon Calamari.

Another four of our friends departed on Hapes and we quickly made trails for Mon Calamari and found the place to be under heavy Imperial control. The entire population had pretty much been enslaved. It was far worse than I had heard or understood. We stuck into the atmosphere from orbit and ran across a group of Mon Calamari being attacked by a large sea creature. It appeared that the creature was bathing in the dark side it was so sinister. I recognized the creature as some sort of Sith spawn. At great damage to the ship we manage to fight off the creature and save some of the Mon Calamari. I couldn’t in good conscious make them pay anything for the medical supplies I had so I gave up my share in hopes it will be of use to them.

It appeared that the Mon Calamari that we rescued were part of some resistance force and they had some news of the outside and had just heard that Darth Krayt had been assassinated by Aslyn Rae…seems a bit too good to be true.

Tinitos Tehrshik Journal #11
Whats New?

We decide ta go ta Tatooine ta see if’n any o’ da young Jedi we’re transportin’ wanta get off dere. We end up in da infamous spaceport o’ Mos Eisley. From what I ‘member o’ my Empire ‘istory, dis place is radder infamous. Five o’ da young Jedi decide ta get off ‘ere, ta fin’ deir own way in da rebellion. Visas, Shacktee an’ me deside ta take a little breather in one o’ da local cantinas. When we go in, we order drinks from da ‘tender, I order a traditional Cathar drink “Rrrgushkik” (I haven’ ‘ad one o’ dese in ages, I’m gonna ‘ave ta get da recipe fer dis from ‘im). He gives us each a “free” sample Death Stick an’ I’m da only one ta try it out.

Da Death Stick makes me pretty mellow an’ I spend da night enjoyin’ da light show goin’ on in da Cantina. I’m likin’ dese sticks. I’m gonna ‘ave ta see ‘bout getting’ my own supply o’ des eta take wit’ me.

While we’re in da cantina, we find out dat da planet Dac is under an Empire isolation practice, where dey conduc’ a program o’ genocide. Da One Sith Empire goes ‘bout cuttin’ off da planet from all outsiders an den go ‘bout killin’ off all o’ da natives. Da natives are in bad need o’ medical stuff, along wit transport off o’ da place.

We also find out dat da bounty fer da pirate named “Rav” is still open. We also find out dat ‘is ship is called da “Crimson X.” ‘E’s also known ta target Alliance ships (maybe dese are da sponsors o’ da bounty?).

I over ‘ear Shaakti makin’ some kinda meetin’ wit da tender fer gettin’ a hold o’ some o’ dese Death Sticks fer transport (maybe I can get some fer myself?). I offer ta go wit ‘im tad a meet da nex’ day.

Da nex’ day, we go tad a cantina where we are introduced ta a Demonian, ends up ‘e’s connected ta da Black Sun Syndicate. Shaktee makes a deal ta take a shipment ta Falleen. I get a 1 month supply fer myself an’ I also get a copy o’ da Cathar drink recipe fer our auto chef.

When we get back ta da ship, we discover dat da shipment is already sittin’ dere waitin’ fer us. We leave fer Falleen as soon as we get da stuff loaded.

It is durin’ dis trip dat I discover dat I’m addicted ta da Death Sticks. ‘Paren’ly dese tings are instan’ly addictin’ when taken. I’m gonna ‘ave ta look inta buyin’ somma dese fer da long term, or goin’ inta a rehab facility like one o’ dem nobles…

We arrive in Falleen five Death Sticks later (sixteen to go) & land within da Yellow District at deir space port there. Dis is deir industrial complex & dis is where Xirka Arms is located here too. Me an’ Shacktee meet wit’ ‘is contac’ ‘ere an’ manage ta get da Death Stick chems off an’ get our 8,000 creds.

Just after da transaction is made, we ‘ear a series of ‘splosions occurring across da city scape. Da Falleen, Xirka, stops momentarily to listen to sometin’ & then turns back ta us ta ask us if we want ta make some more money by scarin’ off da ‘tackers. We tell ‘im dat we’re gonna ‘ave ta consider it back in our ship & we ‘ed back ta it. We take off in da ship ta take a look an’ discover dat dere’s an Empirial Destroyer of a new make, tackin’ da planet. Dey’re also broadcastin’ a warnin’ bout why dey’re tackin’ da planet Falleen. ‘Paren’ly some o’ da Falleen ‘ave been conspirin’ wit da Empire in exile & so brought on dis punishmen’. We decide ta scape while da getting’s good an’ ‘ed on ta Bothwai.

Five more Death Sticks, five more Jedi an’ Section 8 leave us ‘ear. I pick up a nice set up of a “slugthrower” ‘quipped wit’ a telescopic scope an’ bipod. Dis oughta come in ‘andy in da future. We also buy some medical supplies ta take ta Dac. I invest 2,000 credits ta da venture, ‘opefully I’ll be able ta make it back an’ den some.

We nex’ stop in Kashyyyk briefly ta jus’ reconoita an’ ‘ed on ta da Hapes Consortium. While in Kashyyyk, we witness da rulin’ o’ da One Sith Empire. Dey’ve jus’ got done bombardin’ da planet fer some reason or nudder.

Hapes Consortium (six Death Sticks more), we leave a nudder four Jedi dere an’ we move on ta Dac.

Dac; ‘ome world ta da Mon Calamari, like Kashyyyk, it’s under a status o’ isolation by da One Sith Empire. We’re able ta sneak in ta da planet’s atmosphere an’ start searchin’ it. We come ‘cross a colossal creature tackin’ a bunch o’ Calamari swimin’ in da water. Dis ting chased da Calamari up out o’ da deeper waters ta da surface ta only ‘lectrocute ‘em an’ I tink “feed” off o’ dem.

I open fire on it an’ my “partners” follow suit. We’re able ta do some ‘arm ta it an’ discourage it in its tacks on da survivin’ Calamari. Durin’ our tacks, it did manage ta do some damage ta our ship. We pick up da survivors dat we can, some o’ de udders swim off. From da ones we picked up we find out dat dey’re former “Rangers” still fightin’ gainst da One Sith. In a stroke o’ financial suicide, Visas donates ‘er ‘alf o’ da medical supplies we’re carryin’. I’m wonderin’ ‘ow she plans on makin’ any kinda profit in dat kinda behavior?

While we’re talkin’ ta dem an’ catchin’ dem up on what’s been ‘appenin’ in da galaxy, dey jus’ ‘appen ta catch on deir own pirate netcast a broadcast o’ an announcement from da One Sith. Darth Krayt ‘as died, murdered by Ashlyn Rae! I can’ ‘elp but wonder how dey got dis ‘nouncemen’ when dey aren’ getting’ any udder news? I jus’ wonder what it means…

Visas Marr Journal Entry Ten

Hidden Jedi Temple – ships submerged in the water vertically with sky bridges connecting several different ships. This appears to be a permanent outpost (Sith have a bounty for a mythical Jedi fleet). The planet is inhabited by bio-luminescent octopi (food). We got a hail that instructed us to proceed to docking bay 14 and any deviation would result in destruction. We received a telepathic message to disembark our ship. Upon leaving the ship we are greeted by a blue Tweelik and Zabrak. Shadow and Wolf Sazen.

Wolf Sazen said a new Jedi Council has been formed since none of the previous members survived. Wolf took master Severan to meet with them while Shadow was instructed to take us elsewhere.

The walk into the ship was a bit odd. The gravity was still functioning on the ship we entered, and I took it less than gracefully. I didn’t fall over, but almost. Shadow led us to a room and we made small talk. He asked how we found the place and I told him I was led here by the force. He said this place had been her for a very long time and was part of a strategy by Jedi Skywalker that would help prevent the permanent extinction of the Jedi.

After a short visit we are led to the council chamber in a long round- about way. We arrive in the chamber and there are only 3 members; T’ra Saa a Neti, K’kruhk a Whippid, and Tiliqua a Chadra-fan. I recognized Master Saa from my time at the academy. They grilled us, again, on how we found the Hidden Temple. I explained to them that we found the coordinates from a hacker and then the force brought me here. We found out that there are about 200 or so people located in the Temple. Most of them are younglings/padawans or very young knights.
I asked them what their long term plans were and they responded that they intended to wait out the Sith and wait for them to destroy themselves which they will eventually do. I showed my disappointment in this tactic and said that the numbers here were never going to have a sustainable population. It was my opinion that we should look at going out and taking a more proactive approach. Search for other Jedi and maybe do more guerilla tactics. They also seem to question my companions trustworthiness which I assured was an absurd notion. The council told us they would think upon our words and decide a course of action.

They then dismissed my companions and had Shadow take them back to the room while they request me to stay. The next several hours consisted of the Council grilling me on everything that had happened to me over the last 8 years or so and testing me. Towards the end of the session I recognized they were testing me to see if I was ready for Knighthood and it appears I passed, but with a warning. They said they could sense the darkness in me and that I should be more wary of the dark side. I was already aware of this, but will try to work harder.

The next day I had Shadow give us a tour of the Temple and what a boring day that was. There was absolutely nothing to see and we didn’t really see another soul on the tour either, so that was a bust. After the tour we get summoned by the Council again. It appears we are informed that they have decided that the Temple is to be evacuated. They assume the location has been compromised due to a Imperial Knights that were brought to the Temple earlier by Cade Skywalker. Aslon Ray was one of them, but they believe another one named Draco was the one that gave up the location. We offer to help them by searching for other Jedi out in the galaxy and trying to help start organizing something. They agree that might be a good idea after some good arguments from Tinatos. They ask that perhaps we can help with the evacuation by taking some padawans and Jedi with us which of course we agreed.

We spend the next couple of days getting ready for evacuation and Shadow comes to us early one morning and starts loading people on. It appeared that the Sith had already discovered our location and were about to attack. We loaded up a group of people (about 20) and were instructed to drop them off at safe locations around the galaxy. He also provided me a young padawan named Lyla Fyr, a Zeldron it appears that Master Severan decided that I was ready for a padawan. Shadow gives me a code word to listen for on the broadcast channel in case we need to reconvene. I also received a “bad” code word in case of infiltration.

We give our good lucks and we make our way out into the canyons to wait for the escape. Not soon after we notice fighters and bombers descending on the planet to start an attack run. We managed to keep some of the fighters busy for a bit, but took a significant amount of damage in the engagement. We decided it was time to make our escape moved into orbit to make the jump to hyperspace. It was at that time we noticed that General Stazi’s fleet jumped in a surprise attack behind the Sith. I convinced the others it may be a good idea to hook up with Stazi and try to turn the tide. We docked with one of their ships and got some much needed quick repairs, but soon after Stazi’s fleet got ambushed from behind by another Sith armada. It was at this time we tried to make a run for it. We gave the fleet our contact information in case they needed to relay information in the future.

A tremendous beam of energy shot out of the planet and drilled a hole right through the Sith fleet clearing the way for the ships still waiting on the ground. We attempted to make our escape as well and somehow managed it even though I must of hit every Sith barrage on the way out. I don’t know what was wrong, but I was distracted by something a great sadness perhaps. Eventually we made it to hyperspace and out of danger.

Visas Marr Journal Entry Nine

We plugged the hyperspace coordinates we recovered from Section 8’s data into the nav computer and it leads to the Cadavine Sector and a system called Zhar. It appears to be an offshoot of the Corellian run and mostly an abandoned sector. No races claim it as their home system. I know it was used as some sort of bases long ago during the rebellion, but nothing really since. It’s decided we’ll go take a look and maybe find out what is so important about the system. I plot a long round about course there that goes through Naboo which seems like a good place to refuel for us.

We land in the capital city of Theed. Word is that Naboo is somewhat sympathetic to the Fel Empire, but the Sith Empire seems to have taken hold mostly at this point in time as they have a large garrison stationed here. The Sith Empire’s policy of genocidal warfare against Fel sympathizers probably has a lot to do with the drop in support as well.

We take notice of a recruiting center in the city as well. It appears to almost be some sort of indoctrination center. While we’re looking into this place I get a strong feeling that my former Master is located within the facility. I immediately make plans to break and in find out what is going on. Shaak Ti manages to scrounge up some underground schematics to the building. We figure we can sneak in through the geothermal cooling tubes that run into the plant. Finding some underwater breathing apparatuses we make our way to the tubes.

Moving through the tubes goes pretty easily until we reach the edge of the facility and it appears to be barred off. Shaak Ti is going to have to find a way to get through it because he’s in the lead. I pass him one of my lightsabers in hopes he can use that. That’s when the cleaning droid sneaks up behind us spinning its razor sharp blades of death. Between Tinatos and I we manage to hold it off and damage it while Shaak Ti somehow clears the bars without severing his own limbs.

We find our way into the old storage area of the building and find rows and rows of seats with monitors and people hooked up to them. It appears to be some sort of brain washing setup. Shaak Ti and I go to work unhooking as many as we can while Tinatos watched our back. Good thing he did too as a interrogation droid interrupted us. Tinatos made short work of the droid with his blaster though, scrapping the thing in one shot. I find Master Severan as well. It takes him a moment to come around after being unhooked from the drugs, but he explains that he’s been here a few months. We make the ambitious plan of getting everyone out, using a freight elevator and give Maya a call to get the local media out front to get some exposure on what was going on here.

Shaak Ti and I go up with the first group and catch the guards by surprise up stairs. He takes aim at one and deals with him while I pick the other up with the force and slam him into the wall a few times. Probably a bit aggressive…oops. We start moving the group out to the front door when Tinatos comes up with the second group as an officer and some droids enter the room. He takes a shot at the office and the droids drop Tinatos in a barrage of laser fire. Its ok, he survives. From behind the office a Sith steps out and joins the party. I swear thing things are like rats, hidden in every corner in the galaxy. I pick up one of the droids with the force and slam it into her. She explodes in a shower of blood and gore….oops. I guess when you go from Sith Lord to Sith Grunt you don’t quite know how to power adjust. Luckily Master Severan is still pretty drugged up I don’t know if he noticed.

We managed to get everyone out of the facility and into the front where the media was ready to take pictures. We had Maya pick us up on the roof and get us the hell out off of Naboo before anything else exciting happened. We set course for Tavis and what appears to be a Hidden Jedi Temple….oops.


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