Legacy of the Rancor

Tinitos Tehrshik Journal #16
Where Is Everyone?


We got a com. From Mya. She’s tellin’ us dat she’s on Mandalore an’ she looks nervous. It’ll take us ‘bout one week ta get dere. In ‘er message, she asks us ta pick ‘er up, if we can.

I spend da week removin’ all o’ da military insignia on my new armor. Dey ‘paern’ly got dis suit from some ol’ Empire stockpile, somewhere.

We get ta Mandalore space. As soon as we get dere, we ‘ear a message comin’ from Mandalore; “Congratulations! You’ve managed to miss the crusade. You bring shame and disgrace upon yourselves!” We maneuver ova’ ta Thrawn Hold an’ dock dere. We aren’t supposed ta go directly ta Mandalore. Nobody but actual Mandalores are allowed on da planet. So we’re goin’ ta take a shuttle planet side. It’s also at dis time dat we notice dat dere’s absolutely no other traffic in dis region. When we dock at Thrawn Hold, we discover dat dere’s also no ships docked ‘ere too! Dis is getting’ a little spooky, an’ it’s makin’ my fur stand up…

We dock at da Red Deck, avoidin’ da Imperial Blue Deck (since when we were las’ ‘ere we managed ta steal da Banshee). Afta we dock, we get off an’ head over ta da promenade deck ta look ‘round. Dis is also where you ‘ave ta go ta get da shuttle rides planet side. As we’re movin’ along, we hear a crashin’ noise an’ take a look ‘round. We discover our ol’ friend Dr. Fenn. She tells us ‘bout da Mandalorians leavin’. She informs us dat da Mandalorians crusade is takin’ dem inta Wild Space. She was unable ta figger out anything more specific, since she isn’t an actual Mandalorian.

She also tells us dat dey lef’ two weeks ago an’ da last strugglers came through here two days ago. Since den, all o’ da non-Mandalorians ‘ave been leavin’ since. Dis is also da firs’ “official” crusade in over a thousand years. ‘Paren’ly a new “Mandalore” ‘as risen an’ called fer a new crusade, an’ dey all fell fer it.

Dr. Fenn is willin’ ta help us get down ta Mandalore. Da Imperial Knight pilots da shuttle fer us (he seems like a pretty good pilot, at least better dan Visas). It turns out dat da shuttle’s on an automated system an’ dere’s not much need fer an actual pilot. Huh. Once we get inta da planet’s actual atmosphere, da system allows da knight ta pilot da shuttle where he wants. As we’re flyin’ in, I notice dat da planet’s mostly agricultural. Pretty surprisin’ considerin’ dat da Mandalorian’s are a warrior culture.

Da co-ordinates dat Mya gave us guide us ta a huge buildin’ dat looks weird cuz it looks like it was put together piece meal. We land in da center o’ da structure. Afta landin’, we descend inta it, I take point as usual. We ‘ventually find ourselves in a park in da middle lower area. Da park looks like it’s been trampled by a lot o’ beings movin’ through here. From here we take a set o’ stairs inta a lower section. Along dis hallway, we come across a security station. It has a sign statin’ dat it’s part o’ da “Planetary Defense.”

In dis room, I find a bunch o’ monitors showin’ a bunch o’ views ‘round da planet (I assume). One o’ da cameras shows us a view o’ Mya sittin’ in a plain cell. I also find a desk dat used ta belong ta a supervisor, an’ grab his old ID card. We go in search o’ Mya. Shaakti managed ta bring up some directions fer us ta follow.

We find Mya sittin’ in a holdin’ cell surrounded by a bunch o’ broken bits o’ cameras. I guess she used dist a communicate wit’ us. Shaakti opens her door pretty easily, I’m surprised she wan’t able ta do dis since she’s obviously knowin’ how ta make a com. Unit out broken cameras.

Mya tells us dat she was given a message ta deliver from a family friend ta da new “Mandalore.” Dis same note also told dis Mandalore ta lock up da courier, until further notice… Her family friend was from House Norloo? She also thinks dat da Ascendency has ‘ired da Mandaloreans ta help dem in deir war. We head back tad a ship an’ discover dat Mya knows da knight Dorian.

When we get back ta Thrawn Hold we find Dr. Fenn waitin’ outside her store space drinkin’. We give her directions ta our ship. As we’re lookin’ ‘round da promenade, we walk by some lockers where Mya retrieves some ‘quipmen’. Dis inspires Jaris ta do a little breakin’ an’ enterin’. He finds a bunch o’ personal belongin’s an ID’s. ‘Paren’ly dese Mandaloreans stash deir stuff ‘ere before dey join up. Jus’ in case dey decide dat bein’ a Mandalorean isn’ fer dem, dey can pick up deir old lives an’ move on.

On da trip back ta Coruscant, I access da ‘Nostic Holocron ta figger out what’s goin’ on wit’ da Mandalorians, deir crusades, da Mandalore, an’ da Mandalorian Wars.

Da Plan;
1. Bring back da leaders o’ da Ascendancy ta Coruscant ta re-open diplomatic talks.
2. Bring dem back ta Coruscant, so dat da Chiss don’ destroy Coruscant, since deir leaders are on it!

Jaris’ Plan;
He brings up da idea dat da Triumverate are usin’ us as a “gift” ta get da Chiss ta stop deir war. Since dey view us specifically as deir enemies an’ da source o’ da plague dat’s been released in deir region. He wants us ta clear our names wit’ da Chiss by killin’ da “Sith” dat’s responsible fer all o’ dis. He wants us ta stage a public “killing” o’ da Sith Lord in front o’ da Ascendency.

Dis is when Jaris also lets Mya know dat da Chiss have aligned demselves wit’ da Rhand in order ta pursue deir war. She says dat dis is very scary, cuz da Chiss have always hated da Rhand.

We den head out ta da Vagari (alien slavers known fer deir visciousness & known ta raid certain regions I Wild Space). Dey’re what da Chiss consider ta be a “pirating race.” It takes us ‘bout two weeks ta get ta where Zamora was…

Tinitos Tehrshik Journal #15
It's okay, I got a helmet.

“Dis is my rifle. dere are many like it, but dis one is mine.
My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.
My rifle, wit’out me, is useless. Wit’out my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straigh’er dan my enemy who is tryin’ ta kill me. I mus’ shoot him before he shoots me. I will…
My rifle an’ myself know dat what counts in dis war is not the rounds we fire, da noise o’ our burst, or da smoke we make. We know dat it is da ‘its dat count. We will hit…
My rifle is cathar, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will keep my rifle clean an’ ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will…
Before Krishnik, I swear dis creed. My rifle an’ myself are da defenders o’ my country. We are da masters o’ our enemy. We are da saviors o’ my life.
So be it, until victory is Cathar’s an’ dere is no enemy, but peace!”

As soon as we enter da room, I take cover. Dis leaves da padawan standin’ in da middle o’ da doorway tryin’ ta talk tad a Rhand sorcerer. As soon as I’m clear, I open fire on da sorcerer. Unfortunately, dis does little ta ‘im cuz ‘e’s not really dere! It was some kinda ‘lusion… Damn dark force usin’ mutters… Why can’ Visas do sometin’ like dat?

Well, ‘e appears right behind da group an’ sets fire ta da empress an’ ‘er knights ! Shaakti throws a frag inta da bridge an’ blows up a console an’ unfortunately blows out da main winda. Dis causes all o’ da atmosphere ta evacuate da space. Dis causes some discomfort ta my team mates. Maybe dey oughta invest in some life support when goin’ inta space?

Jus’ afta dis ‘appens, da blas’ doors close right in front o’ me. Dis catches Shaakti on da udder side alone wit’ da capin an’ two o’ his soldiers. I get busy right away tryin’ ta get it open. I manage it pretty quick. As soon as I get it open, I see Jaris close da blas’ doors ta da blown winda. Right afta dis, some kinda storm erupts right in da middle o’ our group. It is somehow saturated wit’ acid, cuz it starts ta corrode my armor right away. I retreat from dis “storm” back onta da bridge an’ shoot da capin in da neck! But ‘e’s still standin’ an’ fightin’.

I see Jaris say sumtin’ ta da soldiers operatin’ da consoles. I don’ know what ‘e says, but ‘paren’ly causes one o’ dem ta stop what ‘e’s doin’ an’ talk ta da udder one. I can’ unnerstan’ dem cuz dey’re speakin’ Chiss. Suddenly I ‘ear gunfire an’ discover dat Shaakti ‘as decided ta enter combat wit da cap’n. When I turn back ta da two soldier afta dat, ‘e calls out ta da capin’. Dis ‘paren’ly causes da capin ta go over an’ take da dead soldiers place at da controls.

I make my way over ta da console an’ shoot da capin in da back o’ ‘is head. Dis finally puts ‘im down…Man are dese guys tough. Jaris says sometin’ ta da udder soldier still operatin’ da console an’ ‘e stops workin’ right away. I move ova ta ‘im an’ bind ‘im up for capture an’ Jaris takes off outa da room.

Shaakti comes inta da bridge an’ sets a charge on one o’ da consoles. I take da Chiss outa da room ‘ead back ta da catwalk. When I get dere, I can’ see any sign o’ Visas or ‘er padawan Jaris… I do see a couple o’ figures movin’ away in a hurry. Shaakti calls ‘is droid ta bring da Abyss ta our locale. We meet up wit’ da ship shortly afta dis in da tunnel. Surprisin’ly it’s bein’ piloted by da empress ‘erself! Marissa ‘as some remarkable skills fer royalty…

As soon as I get on board, I secure da Chiss prisoner an’ egt inat da gunner’s seat an’ get ready fer trouble.

We leave fer Coruscant.

Along da voyage, Visas an’ Jaris interrogate da captive. We learn dat da Chiss are plannin’ on takin’ out all o’ da “puppet masters” o’ da jedi. Firs’ da Empress o’ Fell, den Admiral Stazi, an’ finally da Galactic Triumverate.

When we get ta Coruscant, we get greeted by da Jedi Kruk. ‘im an Marissa ‘paren’ly ‘ave a nice little talkin’ ta. We get ignored durin’ dis whole ting. Afta a while, we go our own way. I’m tole dat we’re waitin’ fer some kinda summons. I jus’ ‘ope we get paid ‘ventually, cuz dis runnin’ ‘round is getting’ pretty ‘spensive.

Finally Visas comes ta us an’ tells us dat she’s met wit ‘er bosses an’ found out dat da Jedi want us ta do dem a mission. Jus’ a little snatch an grab op. We get ta kidnap all eight o’ da Chiss Ascendancy leaders. I’m gonna ‘ave ta see ‘bout getting’ some force cages fer da Abyss.

Dorian Vhek's Journal
the guy with the helmet ruins everything

I thought it was good luck that the mix-up with my retirement application kept me in service and off-planet when the Chiss attacked, but I’m starting to envy my compatriots’ quick deaths. We had no sooner begun our investigation of one of the orbiting ships when Tinitos started shooting someone in the cockpit. So much for stealth or diplomacy. Visas shouted that an enemy was behind us, so I took up a defensive position behind the Empress at the back of the party. Alas, Visas meant behind her crew – while I faced the wrong way, someone set myself, the Empress, and my fellow Knight on fire. Shaak Ti inadvertantly came to our aid by using a frag grenade to shatter the ship’s forward window, extinguishing the flames by depriving the fire (and all of us, save smug Tinitos secure in his helmet) of oxygen. Although Shaak Ti and the padawan had rushed into the cockpit, I closed the door to save us from the vacuum of space…and but Tinitos reopened it. The villain who’d set us alight threw something into the astrolabe to shatter it, but Visas managed to fling the astrolabe safetly away before it could pelt us all with shrapnel. Our opponent then said “Alpha Two” to the ship’s captain and broke a chemical conduit pipe to fill the corridor with a corrisive mist. While the rest of her crew set themselves to the task of menacing those in the cockpit, Visas attacked the villain, giving me and the other knight the opportunity to get the Empress safely away from the chemical fog. From the amount of noise coming from the cockpit, I presume the others killed the captain while Visas pitched our Force-weilding foe off the catwalk. She went after him and I jumped over as well. Visas’ padawan came close behind. Our enemy showed the most ghastly of abilities in coughing up a cloud of gnats that attacked Visas. When we teamed up on the villian, he cut the floor out from beneath Visas and I, trapping us on the level below temporarily. We returned to main level where Visas and the villain Force-choked each other until the padawan ran up and killed the enemy. The Empress arrived with our ship shortly after, and, reunited with our crew, we left. Shaak Ti, while I wasn’t looking, managed to blow up the bridge of the Chiss ship and somehow the lot of them managed to take one of the Chiss bridge crew away as prisoner. From the prisoner we were able to learn that an Alliance cruiser spread the plague to the Chiss homeworld and that in retaliation they plan to murder the Triumverate. The crew contacted someone named Mia, but I was unable to discern her role in this mess. It took us three weeks to reach Coruscant and, once there, the Triumverate requested that we bring the Chiss council of families in for negotations. Although Visas presented the Triumverate’s wishes to the crew, they declared the proposition tantamount to kidnapping (they don’t mind shooting bridge officers unprovoked or frag-grenading windows, but they draw the line at kidnapping). The Jedi Master seemed to convince them to go along with the plan, suggesting that she would find some way to diffuse the situation without resorting to kidnapping

Tinitos Tehrshik Journal #14
Whats dat Smell?

Tinitos Tehrshik, Personal Journal #14

We’ve lef’ Narshadaa ta go ta Coruscant ta speak wit’ da Jedi Council. ‘Paren’ly Vias’s been ‘ired by ‘em ta ‘vestigate da lack o’ com from da Fell Empire. Seems dat dere ‘asn’ been any com’s fer a coupla weeks an’ it seems dat da jedi don’ ‘ave anyone else dey can rely on ta figger dis one out.

Dis is also da firs’ real flight wit our new ship da Abyss. It’s a GHTROC Freighter. We “earned it by doin’ some “consolidatin’” o’ powers witin Narshadaa. Hones’ly I tink it’ll be a bit easier ta move thru regions in dis dan da Banshee. She was a bit conspicuous an’ people pretty much taught we were loaded where whever we landed in it. Plus dis one we managed ta get fer free too! An’ we squeezed a bunch o’ stuff in ‘er.
So’s we end’s up on Coruscant an’ we need ta do some face ta face convincen ta get da directions! Really! I mean don’ dey know dat dey ‘ired us? We ends up finaglin’ some directions out o’ dem an’ off we go!

We gets ta where we’re tol’ “Bastion” is ta be found an’ we find a system surrounded by some foreign ships. I know foreign cuz I been round a time or two. Dese ships are completely differen’ ta me. I’ve never seen deir like. I can’ even put it inta words what dey resembeled. So’s when we gets inta system, we try ta communicate wit’ da usual governmet ‘ficials. Only ting is dat we’re being blocked by some very strong equipmen’.

So Visas does da usual ting o’ turnin’ on da cloakin’ device an’ we start movin’ in blind (at leas’ I am). Well afta a while, Visas tells us dat we’re landed an’ dat we’re all clear ta go. She also tells us dat in da city is a bunch o’ “force users” (great). So I takes point headin’ out da boardin’ ramp. I comes ta da bottom o’ da ramp an’ I’m still inside o’ da cloak. I takes a deep breath an’ move out.

Well it ends up, we’re landed inna palacial courtyard! Yay an’ dat’s not all. Dere’s ‘bout a ‘alf dozen Imperial Knights standin’ round lookin’ right at da ship an’ me! Oh! An’ dey’re all holdin’ light sabers lit! So’s I go back under da ship an’ call my partners on my com unit dat we’ve got Imperial Knights ta welcome us ‘ere! Insanity ensues…
Firs’ ting is, I gets ‘it by some kinda force wall an’ get knocked over, pretty much just roll back ta my feet an’ assume a firin’ stance. Visas an’ Shaakti both come down da ramp ta give me support. At da same time, da lead knight comes flyin’ thru da cloak an’ I recognize ‘im as Anterious Draco! I can’ ‘elp but snikker ta myself whenever I see ‘im. I can’ believe ‘is paren’s would be so cruel ta name ‘im afta a dragon’s ass! Jus’ afta ‘e comes flyin’ in, two udder knights come runnin’ in ta attack. I promp’ly lay down my rifle an’ surrender askin’ ‘em “where’s da picnic?” Dis seems ta confuse my partners some. I thought we were comin’ ‘ere ta talk on peaceful terms. I mean, it ain’ like its da ‘Otel ‘Ollis.

Well, Visas an’Anterius (heh) get inta some kinda pissin’ match ‘bout who’s in charge an’ ‘e ventually tells da oder knights ta “stand down.” Dey get inta a discussion ‘bout why we’re ‘ere an’ what’s been goin’ on ‘ere.

We find out dat da armada dat’s out in orbit is a foreign one dat dey haven’ figgered out yet. ‘Paren’ly dere’s been no com goin’ on between da two an’ da fleet has sent a couple o’ invading forces, only ta be repelled by da planetary defenses. ‘Paren’ly dey aren’ good ‘nuf ta blow up one ship piloted by a blind jedi…

Anterius (heh)takes us inta da palace. We ‘aveta leave our weapons ‘ere before we can go inside. Dis takes a while, cuz I been loadin’ up on all sorts o’ stuff. Surprisin’ly Shaakti takes nearly as long as me wit all o’ ‘his crap too! I’m not sure what some o’ ‘is stuff is…
We walk inta a ‘uge chamber an’ Draco (I can’ say ‘is name again) opens a secret door ‘idin’ a turbo lif’. We take it down a long, long way. When it finally comes ta an end, we find ourselves in a battle station dat’s monitorin’ da fleet ‘bove. Amongst da personnel is a pretty human woman dressed nicely. Da funny ting is dat everyone ‘ere is deferrin’ ta ‘er. I shortly discover why, she’s da Empress o’ da Fell Empire. We get intraduced ta ‘er.

She tells us dat da fleet came ‘ere witout any kinda warnin’ an’ jus’ opened fire on da home fleet stationed ‘ere. Afta dat, dey pretty much jus’ took out anyone comin’ in ‘ere. Right from da get go, da armada also blocked all coms goin’ in or out (ironically dis is why we’re ‘ere). As she’s explainin’ dis to us, she’s illustratin’ it wit pics from da local news system. Me an’ Visas both spot a Chiss Claw craft dat we saw on deir big Corellian Cruiser we were ‘osted on.
Visas offers ta go an’ investigate da armada an’ I ask how much we’re getting’ paid. She tells me dat we’ll be owed a “favor.” However much dat is… an’ we head up.

We’re able ta gain entry thru a service way (at least dat’s what we thought it was). Ends up it’s a shuttle tube, course we almos’ get ‘it by da firs’ shuttle. Not far from where we got in, we spot anudder entrance way an’ go thru it (‘opefully it isn’ a trash compactor). Dis one ends up bein’ a service tunnel an’ we follow it ta a factory floor. Course it does, cuz ya always got a factory on a ship, right? Well as we move onta da floor, we actually end up steppin’ onta a conveyor belt. Well anyway, we come under fire! It appears dat dere’s a “monitor” dats watchin’ tings ‘ere an’ ‘e doesn’ like us.

‘e opens fire on us wit a sniper rifle, while we’re dodgin’ all sorts o’ smashers, bashers, slicers, dicers, mincers, broilers, cookers an’ lasers! It’s like dis is some kinda crazy obstacle course. Luckily amongst my people we grew up wit these kinda tings an’ I was especially gifted at ‘em. Afta a while I’m able ta take ‘im out. Durin’ which time both Visas an’ Shaakti climb up ta where ‘e is (though Visas does get knocked down along wit ‘im. It’s pretty crazy when ya think ‘bout it. We then take tha walk way from tha monitorin’ station.

Dis way is much more friendly ta walk down. Dere’re all sortse goin’ along da hallway, we see out various viewports dat dere’s some kinda weird tubin’ goin’ along it inta a large chamber wit’ some kinda gyroscope spinnin’ like mad. All o’ da tubes seem ta feed inta dis ting. In da middle o’ da gyroscope is a sphere o’ matter dat dis ting seems ta be makin’. As we watch, da “neutron generator” (Shaakti tells us dat dis is what ‘e thinks it is) discharges da matter down a tube aimed at da planet. As soon as it ‘its da planet, da planet disappears! Dis makes da empress Marissa a little upset. I can understand. Well we look ‘bout fer anudder way outta ‘ere an find a doorway.

We find ourselves on da bridge of dis immense ship. We find dat our suspicions’re true. Dis is a Chiss ship an’ da Chiss’re pissed ‘bout some biological agen’ dat was released on dem from one o’ deir ships. I’m pretty sure ‘e’s referrin’ tad a ship we abandoned cuz it was contaminated by a sith virus dat was killin’ everyone on it. We figgered it would jus’ drift an’ be forgotten. Guess we were wrong. Huh?

Oh, an’ dere was sometin’ someone called a “rand” dere “contaminatin’ things.

Visas Marr Journal Entry Fifteen

After meeting with Viggo the Hutt it was agreed upon that they would get us a replacement ship if we handled a matter they were having problems with. It appeared there was a Block Lord by the name of Tox Malb that they would like to be rid of. I wasn’t one to necessarily want to kill someone just to get a ship, but I thought I would agree and investigate in hopes the force would show the way.

We hitched a ride with one of his bounty hunters down to the lower level and he told us to give him a call when we needed picked up. He pointed out two buildings that were coming together like a stalactite and stalagmite meeting in the middle and said that was Tox Malb’s building so we started our way in that direction.

Shaak Ti and I arrived at the steps of the building and it appeared to be guarded by a few individual with blaster rifles. After noticing us they said something about new recruits and started to engage. We noticed they seemed to have some sort of cut on their foreheads as if an implant was inserted. Some sort of tech maybe? There was a short battle before they decided to try and drop part of the upper level on us with precision blaster fire. I was just able to catch the falling slab and divert it away. After disabling the remaining combatants we made our way into the building of Tox Malb.

Once inside Shaak Ti disappeared into the shadows and then a deep fog of sorts seemed to surround the middle of the large single room. Across the room from me was my padawan looking a bit menacing so I wasn’t sure how to approach the situation. It quickly became apparent when he ignited his light sabre and attacked. After a few rounds I could tell the attacks were somewhat half-hearted and that this Tox Malb was somehow involved. He was standing behind the padawan taunting him to attack me and trying to antagonize him.

A long battle made short we discovered that Tox Malb controlled people using some sort of a dark force crystals that were implanted in people’s heads. He was almost some sort of dark side mummy of sorts and lightsaber attacks didn’t hurt him much. He tried to bring the building down upon us, but I was able to throw the padawan free and make my escape as well.

We called in our ride and they quickly showed up to take control of this block as their own. It appeared that my padawan had secured substantial upgrades for a ship that we luckily just ‘purchased’.

Tinitos Tehrshik Journal #13
Any Landing You Can Walk Away From Is a Good Landing? Really?!

Tinitos Tehrshik Journal #13

We’ve lef’ Corruscant fer Nar Shadaa an’ Hutt Space. Dis is where Section 8 asked us ta meet ‘im? When we get dere, we go ta section #5502 an’ dock at da casino “The Burning Deck” (sounds lucky), as we’re pullin’ inta da landin’ area, we get ‘it by a nudder ship!

Da Banshee’s dead! I’m in da back wit da padawan dat Visas’s been saddled wit an’ we’re fallin’ like a stone in a ‘ole! I’m pretty sure dat I’m gonna en’ up ded! As we’re fallin’ I notice dat dere mus’ be some pretty strong cross winds, cuz we’re startin’ ta slow down an’ move sideways. I den realize dat Visas ‘as some kinda jedi trick ‘bout catchin’ things bigger dan ‘er an’ I figger she musta caught us. Things are startin’ ta look better. I calm down an’ start ta take an inventory an’ notice dat da “padawan prince” is standin’ dere starin’ out da door at da scenery passin’ by. I try ta calm him down by tellin’ ‘im dat Visas ‘as us an is probably gonna land us soon. He ignores me.

Dat’s when I actually realize dat ‘e’s da one dat’s probably got a hold o’ us. Crap! Now ‘ios ego’s gonna be really big!

‘Ventually da “Prince” lands us on a lower deck. Unfortunately he lands da remains on top o’ a bunch o’ swoop bikes. Dis isn’t gonna go well (I can tell). Dis o’course brings out all o’ da owners o’ da bikes, which are a local gang. Yep, jus’ what I need. Dey start attackin’ us right o’ way.

I try ta take cover an’ return fire, only problem is dat I get netted an’ pinned ta da hull o’ da deceased Banshee. I’m eventually able ta get free o’ da nettin’. When I do, I den take cover an’ open fire on da guy dat’s distractin’ da “Prince.” He goes down like a sack o’ old fruit.
Den we start ta negotiate from a position o’ strength. Da “Prince” gets ‘em ta take us ta deir local Hutt Block Lord. Dat’s when tings get interestin’…

Shaak Ti's Musing #12

Well it appears that the Sith Emperor is really dead after all, or is he? The Sith empire is apparently in shambles and the word is out that any Sith Lord captured is worth 20,000 credits, a tidy sum indeed. I did a little computer research and found out that a Sith Lord named Darth Maladi was an alchemist who had developed a virus after she had become a prisoner. Once the virus was developed she was killed by her own men. Two others are now important players with this virus, Enteris Drako (now head of the Imperial Knights) and an Ikotchi named Darth Havoc (The Chief Inquisitor).

It was decided we would see if we could find Darth Havoc and get some reward money. The last know location was Korribon. We set out for Korribon and stopped in the Ghost Nebula, Planet Umbara which we knew had housed a Sith Academy at one time. While looking around Tinitos managed to get us in fight so he could obtain a flight suit, actually once the fight was over we all had flight suits, very nice.

We entered the Sith Academy which was like a big pyramid and after Vesas did some mind magic on the guards we went up the stairs and entered. Suddenly the lights went out and it was total blackness, I mean total blackness and the battle commenced. I could not see anything, suddenly I saw what looked like a Sith and attacked. After the skirmish seemed to last for approx 10 minutes the light came back and guess what we battling ourselves and there in front of us was Darth Havoc and he did not attack us, he gave himself up, just like that. I continuously suspected a trap but we tied him up without any problems and made our way back to our ship.

We arrived back at Coruscant and delivered the Sith to the Jedi temple. We were rewarded with 25,000 credits for battling ourselves, totally weird. We took the money and rebuilt the cloaking device with a new core. Always nice to be able to cloak our ship when bad things happened. Time to relax and figure out our next move.

Shaak Ti's Musing #11

After all the excitement lately we find some peace and tranquility on Dac where our last 4 future Jedi’s leave us. During our 3 day stay the rangers and their captain, a Mon Calamari named Ackley offer to help us repair our ship if we help them rescue some prisoners. We agree and the repairs are made, we now have an additional quad cannon located underneath the ship, SWEEEEET. With the repairs made we make preparations to break into a prison camp to rescue a bunch of Mon Calamari. After a short battle we managed to rescue about 72 Mon Calamari, most of them were young teens. Just after this battle Darth Wyrlock, the so called Emperor’s Voice, broadcasts a final threat against Dac and said the ‘final solution’ was being put in place. We all agree we should leave and take as many survivors as possible. More repairs are made to the ship and we prepare for departure, but before we can leave we are awoken to complete devastation. We find Captain Ackley down by the shore and then notice all the bodies just floating lifelessly in the water, along with Captain Ackley. Lyla does some tests and finds the water has been poisoned and only affects creatures local to the planet, damn these people who did this!
Vesas does his mumbo jumbo stuff and says not all the people on the planet are dead, but time is running out. He also senses something in Captain Ackley’s room. We return and search Captain Ackley’s room where Tinitos finds a hidden holo-map. The map shows a diagram of a coral reef with mountainous activity underneath it, an “Algae Sward” and we knew we had to check it out. Arriving at the coordinates we discovered that there was something under the reef. We go underwater and Tinitos spots an entrance large enough for our ship, simply amazing. This was some kind of pressurized docking bay. We docked and checked the outside atmosphere, breathable air but very stale. After wandering around we discovered that this was some kind of ship that had been abandoned and the algae had grown around it.
After some more investigation Vesas discovers that this is one of the last remaining World Devastators, only seven were ever built and this appeared to be Nullifier 5. It was a class 6 spaceship built by the Imperial Galaxy to devour whole worlds and create fleets of ships with the raw materials. I managed to get enough power to read the ships log. During the 1st battle of Mon Calamari the new republic built these ships and this one lost one of its four legs and crashed here where it was abandoned. We quickly get to work trying to salvage the ship, maybe even get it up and running when we receive a message from Admiral Stazi who is coordinating the rescue of the planet. It looks like the fleet arrived to save as many people as they could. The message indicates we should try and rescue as many creatures as possible but leave the Quoron’s, a very strange order indeed.
I discovered that this ship needed a sufficient power source to jump start the engines. The only option was to use the cloaking core on the Banshee. It was agreed to try and the jump start was successful, however the core of the cloaking device was utterly destroyed. Vesas managed to pilot the huge ship even though it only had three feet and we managed to rescue several hundred Quoron, MON Calamari, Whaledons and some other creatures. Once we had everyone on board Lyla used the Banshee to act as the fourth leg and we were able to launch and get into orbit. Vesas used the Nullifier 5 to literally plow through the imperial star destroyers, what an awesome ship this was. Vesas tried to make a path the Indomnable (Stazi’s flagship) but with such slow progress Admiral Stazi knew we were not going to make it so he decided to drive it down the throat of one of the enemy Star Destroyers. As Admiral Stazi’s starship was beginning to disintegrate a fleet from the Fel Empire came out of hyperspace behind the Sith’s position and sandwiched them between the two of us, fully routing the enemy. With the enemy defeated we made for Kamino to drop off all the refugees we had rescued and meet the leaders of the Fel Empire.

Shaak Ti's Musing #10

Whew out of that frying pan and most likely into another fire. We decided to fly to Tatooine and ported at Mos Eisley. Five of our future Jedi’s depart here and we head straight for the local canteen. While having a drink we hear word that the planet Mon Calimari has good potential for smuggling people off as well as need for medicine and narcotics. I found a terminal and discovered some useful information about the pirate bounty that we saw on Nar Shadda. His name is Rav with a ship named the Crimson Axe. We were all offered a free death stick and Tinitos actually lit his up, I kept mine as a souvenir. Tinitos finished the death stick and seemed mellower than I have ever seen him, just sitting and staring at the lights flashing around the room. The death stick seems pretty potent, maybe I should see if can get some and resell to make money.
I managed to find a contact named Davorian and we negotiated a delivery of death sticks to the planet Phaleen inhabited by a reptilian race. He gave his business card showing as the “Black Sun”. The delivery would pay 8,000 credits and I was to deliver it to the yellow district in the city of Throne (capital city of Phaleen). We leave Mos Eisley and head for Phaleen, where Visas land the ship directly in the Czerka Arms yard. The planet is wasted by industrial pollution and I just want to make the deal and leave. I meet with Xerx and make the exchange, it went better than I anticipated and things were looking pretty good when the planet comes under attack by a Sith star destroyer with fighter squad escort, needless to say we make a hasty retreat.
We decide to stop on Bothwai and drop off 5 more future Jedi’s and I was sad to see section 8 leave as well. I liked the guy as we had a lot in common but that’s life in the big city. Tinatos and Vesas invested in some medical supplies hoping to make some money by selling them when we arrive at Mon Calamari.
A quick stop at Kaschick and then Hapes where 6 more future Jedi’s depart us. We notice that these planets are under Imperial control so we quickly leave for Mon Calamari and found this planet to be under heavy Imperial control and it seemed as if the entire population had become slaves. After surveying the situation we managed to avoid detection and snuck into the atmosphere from orbit. Immediately upon arriving we saw some Mon Calamari being attacked by a large sea creature and of course being the heroes we are we attacked the creature. Vesas described the creature as some sort of Sith spawn. At great length we managed to make the creature retreat but the Banshee was severely damaged in the process. We managed to land and to my disbelief Vesas gave his share of the medical supplies to the surviving Mon Calamari. With such generosity from Vesas we were not going to make any profit on the medical supplies. The surviving Mon Calamari explained that were part of a resistance force and that they had heard a rumor that Darth Krayt had been assassinated by none other than Aslyn Rae, hmmmmm, strange things are happening in the galaxy.

Visas Marr Journal Entry Fourteen

So it appears that the Council was impressed with my work with my previous padawan that they have saw fit to bestow upon me another. In fact it seems that I have another Zeltron padawan, but the similarities stop there. It seems that this one is quite a bit older and had quite the shady past before being brought into the Jedi fold. I know the Jedi Council can’t afford to be picky with new recruits, but this one may be beyond me. Obviously his previous master had little affect on him and he’s been sent to me.

While I admit that his skills are great his attitude is anything but. He’s arrogant, chauvinist, tactless and any other number of foul descriptors. Never the less I will en devour to do my part and instruct him the best that I can.

It also seems that the Council has not heard back from my Master after we sent him off to find Zenoma. Hopefully we hear from him soon. We ourselves have recently received some sort of distress message from Section 8. It appears he is on Nal Hutta in some sort of trouble. Upon arrival our ship was struck by another and severed in half. It was through no small effort of my own and I presume my new padawan that prevented a sure disaster as we both seemed to land safely (more or less) before being accosted by some local biker gangs. We are on the way to meet some Hutt I would assume in hopes that we can get reconnected with Tinatos and my Padawan as they landed several levels down.


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