Information Broker


An older protocol droid model, however the appearance of Switch suggests he has been immaculately maintained. His plating has been covered with an ebony shine, which seems to soak up light and offers little reflection.


Switch is a curious protocol droid that has clearly gone a long time since his last memory wipe. A self-fashioned information broker and budding crime lord, Switch has aspirations to sophistication that are likely remnants of his protocol droid programming. With a male personality and a Coruscanti-Imperial accent, Switch could fit in among nobility if he were not a droid. When he speaks, he does so cheerfully and lightly, as though his power and prestige leaves him without a care in the world. It is unclear how a protocol droid managed to convince a number of living beings that he should be their leader, but the fact that the thugs follow Switch loyally is a testament to his persuasive skills and his acumen as a crime lord.


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