Dr. Byra Fenn

Human Doctor


An attractive human woman in her early 40’s. She appears to be in good shape, however is not nearly as fit as her patients. She has a hard stare, the look of a person who has seen something aweful that they cannot forget.


Dr. Byra Fenn was born on Corellia to a wealthy family. Much to the disappointment of her parents, Byra entered the field of medicine, which to her family was a lowly occupation best left to droids. Dr. Fenn was commissioned into the Galactic Alliance Navy, however her general disregard for protocol limited her promotion opportunities and she resigned her commission in her 3rd year without issue.

However Byra maintained a soft spot for wounded soldiers, and travelled to the most logical planet where there are plenty of soldiers who didn’t operate under the Alliance Navy, Mandalore. She used her little savings to purchase a small business and has operated as the space station’s primary public pharmacist, medic, and medical supply store on Thrawn Hold.

She holds no allegance to any of the galactic factions, preferring to be a neutral medic who will heal any soldier. Whispers suggest that she may have leanings in favor of the Mandalorians or the Alliance Reminant, but if so she keeps those feelings to herself.

Dr. Byra Fenn

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