Cthule Kurgle

Quarren Jedi Knight


Cthule Kurgle dresses in local fashions as he is trying to avoid notice. Having recently been in Hutt Space, Cthule is currently dressed in the traditional desert robes and hooded cloak of the region. He carries a green bladed lightsaber with a carved corral hilt.


Cthule Kurgle is a Quarren male, who was trained from youth by the Jedi Order. During his childhood, Cthule served as padawan to Master Rasi Tuum while training to be a Jedi on Ossus. Upon being raised to the rank of Jedi Knight, Cthule was assigned as a Jedi liason to the Galactic Alliance Navy, particularly due exceling at Battle Meditation. After the Galactic Alliance surrendered to the Imperial Remnant, Cthule stayed with the rogue fleet led by Admiral Stazi. Therefore he was not present during the Massacre of Ossus. Not knowing of any surviving Jedi, Cthule stayed with the fleet until Darth Krayt declared himself emperor. Seeing himself as a liability to the fleet, as the Emperor could potentially track the fleet by his presence, Cthule left the Alliance Remnant hoping to find some way to stop the Sith control of the galaxy.

Cthule Kurgle

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