Legacy of the Rancor

Tinitos Tehrshik Journal #17

I Smell a Trap! Scat!!!

Org esp vagaari

Da ship’s bay doors close afta we pulled inta deir dockin’ area. Da ship’s da size of a corvette, it could house ‘tween 500-5,000 crew ‘ere. We disembark as soon as we can. Da plan is fer me an’ Visas ta go an deactivate da grav’ generator, an’ fer Shaktee an’ Dorian ta go an steal ‘bout 6 stasis pods (we figger dat dey’ll be easier ta get an’ need less firepower).

Me an’ Visas are sneakin’ ‘long a corridor (I have’ta go slower cuz Visas isn’ able ta move very fas’ when she’s sneakin’ huh). As we’re movin’ along, we hear footfalls comin’ from ahead o’ us. It sounds like a group o’ workers, cuz it isn’ in synch like mos’ military types like ta walk. Visas an’ I take cover in one o’ da outer chambers dat access da outer “blisters.” Da group goes pas’ us. Dey’re a group o’ all sorts o’ alien races; lizards, Kurgle types an’ da slaver race o’ Vagari (pink skinned wit’ really long arms, huge hands, golden masks an’ multicolored robes). We let ‘em go by an’ continue on our way.

We get ta a blas’ door dat we think is engineering. Visas firs’ tries ta “force” da door open an’ den cuts da lockin’ pins. Afta she gets it open, we can hear da roar o’ da engines. Visas does ‘er force “feely” thing an’ says dat da controls are in here, but a couple o’ levels higher. We start searchin’ da area a n’ I find some warheads wit’ some specialized penetratin’ tips, dat ‘splode afta penetration. Pretty nasty. Afta dis, I find a tall cylinder like structure dat seems ta traverse da entire ship. We climb it fer a really long time, ‘ventually comin’ ta a platform. As soon as Visas tries ta touch da controls, we get pinned ta da floor. She ‘paren’ly triggered somekind o’ grav’ plate! Scat!

As soon as dis happens, a slaver comes out wit’ a bunch o’ slaves actin’ as a livin’ shield ta him. I open fire on da slaver an’ hit one o’ da slaves. He still maintains his cover fer his master. Dis is goin’ ta be hard. Afta dis, Visas uses her Jedi trick ta pull da slaver onta da grav plate wit’ us. It gets ‘im stuck. Now da slaves wit’ hammers come inta play an’ start ta try an’ hit us wit’ ‘em. Durin’ dis attack, I sight up on da slaver an’ intimidate him inta submission. He drops his ceremonial wand, indicatin’ dat he’s surrendered. I take da wand o’ office an’ find a button on it. I assume dat it controls da grav plate. It unfortunately doesn’t. The tip o’ da wand falls off onta me an’ embeds me wit’ some kinda poison. Afta dis, da slaver actually moves aside his mask ta smile at me, an’ ta make sure I see his smile. I’m gonna have ta kill dis one.

Visas tries ta do some kinda force thing at da grav plate. Afta she does dat, she pulls me off o’ it. As I’m layin’ dere, one o’ da slavers comes over ta me an’ tries ta hit me wit’ his hammer. He misses, so I shoot him in return. He looks hurt, but still standin’, so I shoot him again, an’ now he’s lookin’ da worse fer wear. I’m not feelin’ too good, I need ta get dis poison taken care o’.

Visas manages ta break da grav’ generator. But in da process, she gets captured by one o’ da slavers wit’ his gun, an’ she ends up danglin’ over da edge o’ da platform. I don’ member much after dis’ cuz I loose awareness cuz o’ da poison in my system… All I know is we’re screwed unless Visas’ Padawan can negotiate our way outa dis…


ZombiePlacebo RobertSchulkey

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