Legacy of the Rancor

Dorian Vhek's Journal, part 2

Shaak Ti found a Rancor

The padawan devised a plan of action that required us to travel – undetected – in Chyss space. The group planned to liberate some stasis technology from Bajaari pirates with the idea that we could all go into stasis, pass undetected into Chyss space, and proceed with our mission. The pirate ship sported the most unusual exterior feature in the form of clear, individual prison cells. Whether the cells were intended to punish the occupants or unsettle passersby, I could not tell. We went aboard the Bajaari ship without trouble and Shaak Ti quickly found deck plans to direct us to the projector array, which we would have to deactivate in order to leave, and to the stasis chambers. Visas and the cat volunteered to take care of the array, so Shaak Ti and went to retrieve the stasis chambers. We didn’t very far before someone, presumably a Bajaari, stepped out into the corridor behind us. He was wearing an enormous mask, one nearly as tall as himself, and performed some sort of stomping ritual after which a contingent of slaves rushed out to surround him. I tried throwing my lightsabre at the Bajaari and the slaves returned a volley of shock-webs. The Bajaari threw an object at us that deployed pinchers and clamped into the nearest wall. Shaak Ti retaliated with a grenade that shattered one of the prison cells imbedded in the hull. The Bajaari and most of the slaves vanished; Shaak Ti and I hurried on our way. We had to crawl through a series of air ducts and ladder-well shafts to reach one of the areas of the ship housing the stasis chambers. While I was studying the endless-seeming stacks of chambers, Shaak Ti figured out how to use the nearest computer console and both selected and opened the largest of the stasis chambers. Unluckily for us, a rancor emerged from it. I tried to levitate the monster, but it managed to grab the stasis chamber and throw it at me. The chamber hit me in the shoulder on its way to becoming a managled heap. I hid behind it and force-threw a smaller stasis chamber at the rancor. Although I hit the creature, it seemed to recover instantly. Worse, it charged over to pick up Shaak Ti and bash him about, rather like an angry child with a rag doll. It then turned its attention to its erstwhile prison. While the rancor bashed the enormous stasis chamber, I used a haze to hide myself and Shaak Ti, buying enough time to retrieve his grenades. After the rancor knocked over an entire row of stacked chambers, I tried to lure it away from Shaak Ti. I threw a grenade, and I think I hit it, but my plan to outrun the creature after that failed miserably. It outpaced me in seconds. Being bashed into the floor by a rancor is enough to make surrender sound like a reasonable idea…


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